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Bunny Knowledge Test

Updated on July 25, 2008

Think you know a lot about bunnies? Take the test by reading the statements and seeing if you agree with them or not. Then read the answer below them. You might be surprised to find that some of the things you thought about rabbits were completely wrong!

Rabbits Are Okay In Small Cages

Wrong! Think about wild bunnies, they do little but run around. To keep a rabbit in a small run or cage all day and night is unimaginable cruelty. Would you do that to a cat? No, of course you wouldn't. Rabbits need to be able to run and jump and play

Lettuce and Carrots Are Rabbit Food

Wrong! Rabbits should be fed a diet consisting largely of hay and water. Lettuce can be deadly to rabbits, and most keepers avoid it entirely. Carrots are okay as a treat, but in the wild bunnies would never eat carrots at all!

Rabbits Are Stupid

Wrong! Rabbits are quite intelligent animals, on a par with cats when it comes to smarts and personality. They need attention, toys, and playtime in order to be happy.

Rabbits Don't Drink Water

Wrong! Rabbits need access to a constant supply of clean, fresh water, much like any other pet. This old wives tale is responsible for some horrible bunny deaths.

You Can Put Any Rabbits Together

Wrong! Rabbits are quite territorial animals, and like to have their own space. In the wild, bunnies will have their own private burrows, and then have larger communal areas. For this reason, most rabbits will not take kindly to having a stranger shoved into what they consider to be 'their' space, and doing so will often result in bad fights, and very stressed bunnies.

If you take the time to introduce bunnies properly, they can become very strong friends, but just shoving strange rabbits into the same cage is a bad idea.

Rabbits Have To Live Outside

Wrong! As people learn more about rabbits and come to appreciate them for the charming little souls they are more and more house rabbits are emerging around the world. These bunnies laze about on the couch, go to the toilet in a litter tray, and are as much a part of the family as a cat might be.

Rabbits Are Unfriendly And Don't Need Affection Or Attention

Wrong! Rabbits should be handled often, and come to thrive on affection, often hopping up to their owners for a nice head rub. Badly handled rabbits, or rabbits which are never handled do tend to be scared of people. Because people once used to just shove rabbits into a hutch in the back garden and toss food at them occasionally, rabbits have earned a reputation for being vicious and mean. Properly handled and cared for, they will only occasionally be vicious and mean.


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    • profile image

      Jenny-rabbit 8 years ago

      I'll have to agree with IceKrystal here. I have an "ok" knowledge of rabbits, thanks to the wonderful world of internet, house of rabbit soc, and of course your previous hubs. Keep up the good work. Though i don't know how much more you can write on rabbits but i'd be curious to see. :)

    • icekrystal profile image

      icekrystal 9 years ago

      Thanks to reading all your previous hubs, I have managed to answer all the questions correctly. :) I am so glad my company lets me bring my little Max to work everyday because that has helped build an extremely tight bond within 5 months. He has such an adorable personality and because I am in IT and work long hours, I would not have gotten a bunny unless it was ok with my bosses - which has now made me the happiest bunny owner :)