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Caring for a Lucky Bamboo Plant

Updated on November 15, 2008

Low maintenance house plant

Lucky Bamboo is not actually bamboo. It is a member of the lily family that grows natively in the deep shade of tropical rainforests. This is an attractive house plant that is suitable for even those of us without a green thumb.

A common name for Lucky Bamboo is Ribbon Plant. The true name for it, though rarely used, is Dracaena sanderiana.

Making the purchase - When purchasing a Lucky Bamboo plant you want to make sure it is fresh. If it has a bad odor to it you will know that it is in bad health and you don't want to purchase this one. - Make sure the pot your plant will live in is about 2 inches larger around than your plant.

Caring for the plant This versatile plant can grow in pure water or can be planted in soil. If planting in soil, make sure there is a drain hole!

If you choose to go with the water only method you will need some pebbles to hold your plant up. This can be fun because you can choose colors that will coordinate with your home. You will want to make sure that your water level is higher than your pebbles. You will also need to change your water once a week. When doing so, you will need to rinse your pebbles off , your plant off and your vase out for maximum quality of your plant. If you use distilled water in your vase, it will help prevent algae from growing.

If you prefer to use soil with your plant you may want to use a mixture of 1/3 parts sand, peat moss and regular soil, this will help to properly drain. Water your plant heavily the first time to saturate the soil. In between waterings your soil should be just damp, this will let you know when to water heavily again.

Most plants do not do well in standing water or sit well in soggy soil. So which ever way you choose, you will want to add a mild fertilizer periodically. The Lucky Bamboo will sit in fertilized water for days at a time.


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    • profile image

      Kelsey 2 years ago

      Lucky bamboo is an awesome indoor plant. It's easy to grow, care for, and even propagate. One interesting fact is that lucky bamboo is actually not related to "real" bamboo. I was interested in planting "real" bamboo indoors and found that it is more difficult than lucky bamboo, but it's also more rewarding.

    • mureksoy profile image

      mureksoy 9 years ago from Florida USA

      I love the lucky bamboo! I have 2 of them in my home and they are the easiest plants I've ever managed not to kill! HA! I have one in my bathroom and it seems to do better in the steam than the one in my living room.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      You should get a picture here! We have one of these plants, and I admit, I'm not that great at caring for it, but it's still alive and apparently thriving! We just keep it in a vase with pebbles to hold it up :) Good idea for a Hub!