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Changing Careers

Updated on October 22, 2006

Making Money

Planning what career to take at an early stage say at senior year in high school is the best time. In the Philippines parents help their children decide what career their children will take as they give support in their education. Medical courses like nursing, medicine are the most popular choices if the parents can afford. Law, education are secondary choices. Those who will decide on their own will have to struggle if their parents cannot give their support ending up as working students. Early in the 1980's when the Philippines started to open the Overseas Foreign Workers Program these graduates of medicine , nursing, education, etc. left the country to earn the mighty dollar in the Middle East and North America. In Canada these professionals ended up in the skilled job labor market unless they go back to school The dilemma is the age factor for those who are middle-age, they worked in manufacturing and assembly lines.


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