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Cheap Advertising for Your Small Business

Updated on March 7, 2008

Creative Advertising

Cheap Advertising Can Be Effective

It's a dog eat dog world in the business arena. If a business owner doesn't have the big bucks for advertising, it can be very difficult to keep up with the big dogs. (Yes, I am aware of the heavy use of dog-isms.) But there are ways to get the word out about your small business without spending a lot of cash. Most of the alternative ways to create publicity for your business involve either creativity, time, hard work, or all of these qualities. Here are some tips for getting your small business some publicity for little to no cost.

Head on out to your library or bookstore. Slip business cards into books that are in the section related to your business. You can spend a little more money and have bookmarks printed with your small business information or maybe with a promotional offer. Put the bookmarks into related books. This is more difficult to do in bookstores than libraries. Bookstore employees tend to think that you are up to no good.

Think of your vehicles as rambling billboards for your small business. Everywhere you go, your car is literally exposed to potential customers. Even sitting idle in a parking lot, people see your vehicle. Use this advertising space to your advantage. Slap on a bumpersticker with your small business information. If you don't want something so permanent, buy the magnets to place on the sides of your vehicle or on the back. This is even more effective if the display is funny or artistic.

Just like your car, everyone sees you where ever you go, obviously. Think of yourself as a walking billboard. Get t-shirts printed with your business information. Or wear a cute button. Tote bags can also be printed with your small business information. Of course, I don't mean to wear a business t-shirt out on Valentine's Day, but a trip to the grocery store is a perfect advertising opportunity.

Don't limit the t-shirts to yourself. If a member of the family is going to a casual event where lots of people will be gathered, strongly have a specific wardrobe suggestion in mind. If not t-shirts, take the tote bag printed with your business logo along. And don't forget to dress up your vehicle as well.

Another effective way to get exposure for your company is by giving back to the community. Do something good and get something in return. Donate items with your small business information printed on them to charities and fundraisers. This isn't as expensive as it seems. Even simple items like pens are appreciated.

Be creative and think outside the box when money is tight for your small business budget. Think of every event as an opportunity to put your small business in front of potential customers. You should be able to come up with some cheap advertising ideas of your own.

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      Sachin 5 years ago

      Really nice one. Too help full.