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Eat Healthy and Still Get Your Chocolate Fix: Part 1--Yogurt

Updated on August 3, 2008

Yogurts That Can Help A Chocoholic

Chocoholics don't have to cut out their favorite flavor just because they are looking to eat healthier or lose weight. I'll be documenting a few foods that we chocolate lovers can eat to get our fix, without worrying too much. True, these products won't help you lose weight as fast as plain foods, and you shouldn't plan a diet around nothing but chocolate foods, but exchanging one diet food for one of these alternatives won't hurt too badly.


As a baseline, keep in mind that 6 oz. of plain, lowfat yogurt contains:

100 calories

2.5 g. of fat

12 g. of carbohydrates

8g. of protein

0% of the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin A

4% of Vitamin C

0% of Vitamin D

30% of Calcium

So overall, plain yogurt has fewer calories and carbs and if your goal is to lose weight, this will aid you better than flavored yogurts. But who wants to eat plain yogurt?

Gimmie Chocolate

I've found three yogurts so far that make me say "yum."

Breyers YoCrunch Cookies and Cream ® comes in a 6 oz serving and is190 calories. It's vanilla yogurt with a separate tub for the cookies so they don't get soggy by sitting in the yogurt in the store. It's made from lowfat yogurt, so it has:

190 calories

3.5g of fat

34g of carbs (so it's not for low-carb diets)

5g of protein

8% Vitamin A

0% Vitamin C

2% Vitamin D

20% Calcium

Breyers YoCrunch Strawberry ® includes bits of Nestle Crunch candy bar in it's hopper. Again, it's made from lowfat yogurt, but candy bars are not, by nature, lowfat, so it's numbers are a little worse than with the Cookies and Cream:

210 Calories

4.5 g of fat

37g of carbs

5g of protein

8% Vitamin A

2% Vitamin C

2% Vitamin D

20% Calcium

But for a true chocolate punch, nothing beats Yoplait Whips Chocolate Mousse®. This is chocolate through and through. Keep in mind though, it doesn't taste at all like "real" chocolate mousse. It still has the yogurt tang to it, which is why I love it, but some people might find it strange on the first bite. A 4 oz. serving has:

160 calories

4g. of fat

25g of carbs

5g. protein

10% Vitamin A

0% Vitamin C

10% Vitamin D

10% Calcium


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