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Christmas Somewhere else

Updated on December 10, 2008


An old house sits on the corner
It's white paint peeling away
Standing in rows, as the winter wind blows
Battered crops sleep dormant until May
Drifts pile high to the barn
To clear them would be no use
The shack remains bare, filled with only cold air
No lock needed, the doors just hang loose
The scene behind a frosted window
Shows more to this cold and dry place
We follow a draft through a crack in the glass
To reveal a little girl's face
She pulls out her seat at the window
Sitting sideways, she clutches her bear
She watches it snow as tears start to flow
Then tilts her head to the back of the chair
Her gloves, with their holes, would not be enough
If she went to go play outside
To take the road to the end, to see her one friend
She could only do with a ride
But mom had to make a decision
One day when the outlook was bleak
Though the car was real old, when it was sold
They had enough food for the week
Not long ago, things were better
When she still had her dad and her brother
But an accident one day took them away
And the farm has been too much for mother
Mom always seems to come up with
New ways for them to get by
But Christmas is near, and this time, this year
Makes this little girl only ask, "Why?"
"God, why do we have to struggle?
Why does mom work so hard?
Years have gone past. Her health may not last
How long will she slave in the yard?"
"I want to have back my family
Why did you take them away?
God, if you're near, if you were right here
Please tell me what you would say."
Her heart weighs heavy with sadness
And the frustration of having no choice
She's still asking "why?" but her tears start to dry
As, inside, she hears someone's voice
Precious one, please listen close
To the things that I have to tell
Although I speak every day, it's not often this way
Know that you must hear me well."
"My child, I love you, and you need not fear
For the things you cannot control
I hear every day all the things that you pray
I know your plight has taken a toll."
"But you and your mother have a great room
In the kingdom in which I reside
Until then, in this life, you may suffer strife
My son suffered too when he died."
"But the lessons you learn while you're here
Are great teachers of things you must know
Believe through the pain, and my eternal reign
And you'll be where blessed rivers do flow"
"Leave the future unto my call
I will care for you and your mother
Your job, you see, is to believe in me
And simply not worship another"
"For then you will find it is easy
To make decisions that you know are right
This world's a creation with endless temptation
You'll need me to win such a fight"
"There is a purpose for everyone
As they're called, you'll be sad now and then
For them, you will grieve, but if you believe
You are sure to see them again."
"Remember as you are so young
My love and kindness will leave you never
For your faith I will give a long life to live
Your pain will not last forever."
The little girl looked up at the window
And, remembering that very last line
She crossed the old rug to give mom a hug
And say, "I love you mom, we're gonna be fine."
Dominic Gerace 



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    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines


    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 9 years ago from India

      Very touching and very inspiriing - thank you for sharing it with us!

      PS: May i give you a bit of advice? It would help if you copied and pasted this into Notepad and then copied and pasted it into HubPages - otherwise it's a tad too small to read easily - and a wonderful poem like this needs to get read! :)