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Common Warts Treatment

Updated on February 3, 2009

Common Warts Home Remedies Treatments

Common warts are contagious infections on the skin which are caused by HPV (Human Paillomavirus). Common warts affect just one part of the body, and are most commonly found on the hands or feet, which do not spread to other areas of the body.

There are different types of common warts. These are the dome-shaped, plantar, flat, periungal, and filiform warts.

 Dome-shaped warts are the most familiar type of warts which are normally found on the knees, toes, and backs of fingers.

 Plantar warts are found on the “plantar” parts of the feet, which are usually at the bottom of the feet.

 Flat warts can grow on legs, face, and other body parts, which grown in large number. These are sometimes called “plane” warts.

 Some warts grow under or around the nails which are called periungal warts.

 Those warts that grow on the face and look like long stalks are called filiform.

Common warts might be very annoying, but can be treated. Except for genital or venereal warts, common warts can be treated by over-the-counter treatment that contains salicylic acid or aerosols that freeze the warts.

Salicylic acid treatments for warts can come either as plasters, pads, gels, or drops. These treatments often come in applicators that can be used on all sizes of warts, ranging from the biggest and lumpiest ones to the tiniest. A keratolytic medication, salicylic acid dissolves the keratin (protein) which composes the wart and the surrounding dead skin.

Freezing methods of treating warts are nonprescription medications which come in aerosol spray form. These treatments freeze the warts at -57˚C (-70˚F), which is equivalent to liquid nitrogen that are used by dermatologists which are at the temperature of -196˚C (-320˚F).

Salicylic acid and freezing treatments are over-the-counter for the basic reason that these are safe treatments, as long as the package instructions are followed carefully. In case of sensitivity to these treatments, all you need to do is to stop it in case of irritation, and no serious injury will arise.


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