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Crashing economy

Updated on February 28, 2008

As I sit here browsing my checking account, I see a depressing sight, its getting low. Browsing back up through the bills, I see higher utility, grocery, and gas cost. Gallons of milk for over $5, gas back over $3/gal, bread, fruit vegetables, all higher then should be.

I bounce over to my forex account, notice the US dollar is once again getting hammered. Browse the web, everywhere its the same, credit card debt, foreclosures, repo's, people crying out for relief.

Whats going on here? Why are oil companies making multi-billion dollar profit, and working people are selling prized possesions to drive to work? My are corporations paying executives 5 and 6 figure bonus, while their same employees are trying to make ends meet? Is there a future left in America? The economy is tanking, and fast. No sugar coated speaches from the reserve or feds can convince people that its not. People are the ones losing their homes, their cars, going without just to survive.

I feel sorry for the next president, he has a mess to deal with, and not enough funds.


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