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Crazy Weather

Updated on February 7, 2008

How's your weather?

First of all I just want to send out my sincere sympathy to the families who lost there homes and loved ones in yesterday's tornado in the southern USA.These past few years natural distasters and just the weather in general has really had such and impact on our modern world. I've seen the simple weather changes where I live and it's becoming scary. They say it's due to global warming and I would have to agree, more people have lost there homes and lives due to weather. When are we going to learn it's time to change? Everyone talks about making changes, but are we really doing all that we can?

In the past week where I live we got two feet of snow then a huge melt, then a freeze and then another few feet of snow and to top it off the wind almost ripped our roof off. It seems this crazy weather just can't be escaped. In the next year my family and I are goingto build a green dome home, wewant to feel safe an be green while doing it. I fear many things in life, terror, loss, hieghts LOL and now the weather. It's sad but true.

So how do you plan on keeping safe? How are you making your life more green? If you don't have answes to these questions maybe it's time to think about a change, for you, your kids and for the world. And remember if you worry about natural disaters make sure you are prepared it can make all the differnce. For tips on preparing for such a situation watch for my hub coming soon about preparing for a disater.


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