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Updated on October 5, 2008

Most Common Symbols

These symbols are the most requested symbols in dream psychology (listed in alphabetical order). Their interpretations are meant as starting points and will vary in their meaning depending upon the individual dreamer.

Animals - Instinctive part of self attuned to nature and survival (survival in the social world). Being chased by an animal may represent some repressed emotion or aggression. Look at the particular animal to determine the energy it may represent.

Baby - New birth; vulnerability, or your need for love. Also your pure, innocent, true self (non-ego). It may represent some new development in your life.

Blanket – Depending on context, a protection or a hiding from self and others.

Camera – Perception of experiences. Preserving the truth. A caution to recall things factually.

Circle – Wholeness, completeness; infinity. The circle may mean you’ve completed a cycle or have grown into wholeness of body, mind and spirit. If presented as a merry-go-round or movement in circles, you are not getting on with your life and lessons; you literally are going around in circles.

Clothes - Your persona, how you look at yourself and how you feel others may see you. Old and worn out clothes may symbolize a need to discard some habitual way of thinking. Changing your clothes may indicate a change in your lifestyle (past, present or future).

Crying – Release of stress and tension, frustration; if tears of joy may be resolving a problem, working through blocks.

Death - Changes in one's life, something is coming to an end. Very seldom does death symbolize physical crossing. The old is dying and with the death of the old comes new beginnings.

Elevator - Moving up means going in the right direction, getting a higher perspective; moving down means going in the wrong direction; down can also mean you are exploring deep-rooted problems

Falling - Your real life fear of letting go of something or someone. It also may suggest a loss of control in a situation. Low energy. May also be a “bad landing” coming back into your body at night.

Father – Wiser, more mature masculine self; the wise old man within.

Food – Nourishment of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Also, food for thought.

Hair – Power flowing from the crown chakra or higher spiritual center; the longer the hair, the more power. If body hair, means protection and warmth.

Hands – Feeling, expressive part of self. Left hand receives, right hand gives.

House – The Self. The rooms or different floors may represent emotions, attitudes. The basement represents the deep unconscious.

Killing - Repression/suppression of some aspect of yourself - you want or need to kill that part of your personality. Also putting an end to negative feelings or unwanted situations in one's life.

Kiss – Affection, warmth, communication; a show of intention. Also, the kiss of betrayal.

Marriage - A blending of intellectual and intuitive parts or masculine and feminine aspects of oneself. A bridge between the conscious mind and the unconscious self (as in dreams).

Money - Changes. Paper money indicate big changes; coins, small changes. Take note of any numbers and find their meaning(s). For instance, five often symbolizes changes in life.

Mother – Older, wiser, more experienced part of the female self. Nurturing.

Mountain – Perspective, clarity, spiritual awakening. Seeing a mountain in the distance signifies enlightening experiences, opportunities await you. Climbing up may symbolize going in the right direction; down, the wrong direction.

Naked - Being nude may symbolize the 'naked truth' about oneself. Totally open and exposed. It may be an expression for childhood innocence and freedom from artificial inhibitions.

People - Different aspects of oneself; emotions, attitudes, desires, fears, etc. Look to the particular characteristics of a person or persons in the dream.

Radio - Communication between conscious and unconscious self (as in dream). Communications (or lack of) between aspects of self or between persons in your life.

Ring – Promise; eternal perspective. The ring of truth.

Roads - Your direction, or path in life; the road you are following (may need changing or modifications). Examine whether paved, rocky or dirt; winding or straight; going up hill or down. Conditions of road suggest how you are creating your life at this moment. If you are at a fork in the road, you are approaching a major decision.

School - Lessons in life. Self-understanding is learning to know yourself (psychological). Life's experiences. Have you learned from them or do you ignore what is evident for what is convenient?

Sex - Sex with a partner may symbolize a unification of unconscious aspects (in your life) to a conscious realization. Uniting parts of oneself that was previously separated due to repression/suppression. Desire to merge aspects of the self with qualities of the sex partner in the dream.

Stairs - Going upstairs symbolizes going in the right direction; conscious thinking. Downstairs, going in the wrong direction.

Teacher - Your higher self (spiritual or creative). Insights that show you the way on your path.

Teeth – Grinding up, tearing something into small pieces in order to digest it; beginning the understanding process. Strength, intention; put some teeth into it. Need to verbalize. If your teeth are falling out, you are unable to understand a problem or situation; something is too tough to swallow.

Telephone – If you are making a phone call, you are asking for help or understanding in a situation; or it is necessary for you to do so in order to gain clarity. If someone is calling you, your guidance is trying to get your attention with an important message.

Television – Medium to get a better look at your life; communication with self.

Vehicles –You in your daily physical life. Are you driving (in control), in the back or passenger seat (not in control). A bus may symbolize yourself and the passenger’s aspects of your personality.

Water - Emotions. Are you drowning in your emotions? Is the water frozen (frozen emotions), smooth or rough seas?


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