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DVD Massage Chair is Ultimate in Luxury

Updated on April 16, 2007

Just looking at China Fun Sports DF-1688 F3 (DVD Massage chair) makes me just want to be lazy. I mean, there are recliners and there are recliners. This DVD Massage Chair looks like the "after" from "Pimp My Recliner". It makes a La-Z Boy look like John Henry.

I mean look at it! It can play DVDs, for crying out loud. How many chairs can do that? That DVD player comes with a loudspeaker and hi-fi earphone by the way, so you can watch it with or without anyone listening. And you've got to like that color LCD screen. I have no idea what all the buttons on that thing do, but the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

The chair's S-shape backrest can tilt back at a relaxing 170 degree angle, which is dangerously close to sleeping. (Something tells me quite a bit of unintentional sleeping will happen in this chair.) The length of the foot shelf is adjustable, stretched, and retractable to suit several different figures.

As for the massage feature, the DVD Massage chair has definitely got you covered. Four massage balls are built inside the rack to tap, knead, and finger press your body from neck to waist. Not only that, there is air and vibration massage in the cushion, thigh, calf, and foot positions. Who needs to go to see the masseuse when this is available at any time for your use?

There are plenty of other features on the DVD Massage chair that make it one of a kind. For example, infrared sensors are somehow able to scan the curvature of your body, and then detect the exact acu-points unique to the individual. It can even adjust for your shoulders.

I haven't even shared the product's biggest selling point: it synchronizes Dolby Digital Music Playback with its massaging. So if you happen to be listening to AC/DC's "Back in Black", you'll be feeling the massaging love of the opening notes.

Unfortunately, you may have noticed that the company who manufactures this is called China Funsports. The company address is in China, which might mean that that's where it ships from. Shipping overseas usually means more dollars spent, and I'm guessing that this guy costs quite a lot of money.

However, you may ask yourself if it is worth it. This is the chair that your dad would not want you to sit in. In fact, it's probably not a chair that you will get him out of anytime soon. Luxury, thy name is DF-1688F-3.


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      11 years ago

      This looks amazing, but expensive!


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