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Darwin Vs. Legislation

Updated on April 30, 2008

What this hub is:

Let me just say out-front, I'm not here to debate Creationism vs. Evolution. It's been done to death, and quite frankly I don't think either side is ever going to convince the other. While I'm not saying that it's not an important issue, I just think that there are bigger threats out there, like Post-Modernism. The way it stands now is that the American culture wants to deny God, and it's offensive (therefore wrong) to say otherwise.

Instead, I would like to say that as long as we're going to teach Darwinism as a fact, we should change the law to reflect this.


Stop making us slow down when we drive by schools. If a kid is stupid enough to think playing in traffic is a good idea, then their death will only chlorinate the gene pool.

On that note: Why do pedestrians have the right of way? The human who has 2 tons of steel and 300 horses at his command is obviously in a stronger position, not the fleshy meatbag. Stop letting them meander across the intersection while holding back the people who want a left turn. They should be running for their lives hoping that I don't run over them.

Bring back "He needed killing" as a viable defense. Some people are just too stupid to live. Accept it. Protect the bloody gene pool people!

Stop worrying so much about offending people. If someone is going to cry because you didn't use the politically correct term for whatever minority they've invented for them self, they're obviously a weak specimen.

On that note, stop having so many restrictions to protect a child's self-esteem. Some schools are outlawing Tag on the playground because of the risk of hurting a child's feelings. Coddling makes people weak.

Stop handing out trophies and awards for everything. When they get the same prize regardless of outcome they have no incentive to improve themselves. As Nietzsche says, competition breeds culture.

Get rid of all the frivolous lawsuits. Oh no, you forgot to ask for iced coffee and thus it was too hot? You shouldn't be rewarded for your idiocy. Anyone who thinks they deserve a reward because they tripped over their own kid in a store shouldn't get money, they should get forcibly sterilized.

Whoever decided that Hollywood starlets like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, etc. should be deified to the point that they are now should be shot. There is no reason why nature would allow them to survive if not for their extreme wealth. Let them die off naturally and stop encouraging their mistakes within our young.

We might as well get rid of anyone who uses a Mac. Think about it, Mac's entire ad campaign started by toting it as the computer for people too stupid to work a regular computer ("I can't find the power button! Even though it's right in front of me! TWO WHOLE MOUSE BUTTONS! WHY?!") Now it's moved on to state that PCs are only good for doing actual work, while Macs are best for playing games even though most games are made for PC anyway. Apple represents a company based on allowing people - who should die off from inability to work technology - to not only continue living, but do so with some sick and perverted sense of superiority over those of us who know how to right-click.

Smoking: We should support it. Stop suing the tobacco company because you knowingly started to use an addictive substance known to cause cancer. Cigarettes should be freely advertised so that those who feel the urge to inhale smoke instead of oxygen can accelerate their removal from the gene pool.

One of the major tenets of evolution is that organisms exist to pass on their genetic information through reproduction. There is no logical way in which you can reconcile portraying this as fact while allowing abortions to cancel that passing on of genetic information. Pro-Choice is just as anti-atheist as it is anti-Christian.


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