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Dealing Cards

Updated on November 11, 2006

Casino Dealer

Becoming a casino dealer can be an exciting job by being friendly and display a good attitude during the game. A dealer must be open-minded and have a deep concentration on what she is doing on the table.Drawing cards from the shoe,patrons will scrutinize what was the up card in a game of Blackjack giving them a clue what card would be the next or this will also give them an indication that the first player will take a new card or not. There is a bit of cooperation among the players whether to get a card or not when playing that hand in order to beat the dealer so everybody wins. To further explain this process everyone on the table can see the totals of two cards given to each players during that hand. Starting at her left the dealer announces the total of the two cards, the first player have who will give a hand signal by tapping the table to get a new card if her two cards is lower than ten.In order to beat the dealer ,the player must have a higher total which does not exceed twenty-one. If her total is more than twenty-one the dealer will announce "Player Breaks." and that player is out of that hand. A round of play is called a hand.This will be done to the next up to the seventh player. Professional players of Blackjack who goes to play everyday converge themselves at one table with the same dealer they had played with previously believing that they would beat her again, having known how to play the game with her whether one or the other will get a card. On the side of the dealer there is no fast rule to win the hand. There is a certain procedure to be followed by the dealer in shuffling the cards. In Blackjack where eight decks are shuffled , players have the chance to cut the cards,"cutting one and a half inch where the game stops and another shoe begins. At this point they will point to one of the players whom they believe and feel to give them a "good luck." There are days when the players are nasty to the dealer getting all there bets but a dealer should ignore and entertain them as usual.


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