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Define Karma - For OJ Simpson It's About 33 Years

Updated on December 5, 2008

OJ simpson verdict

oj verdict
oj verdict

OJ Simpson Verdict

I'm not normally the type of person to judge others, but I do speak about what I can clearly see.

I'm sure everyone who cares has heard by now that the OJ verdict is guilty, and he could be serving up to 33 years in prison. In my opinion this is just a good example of karma.

Back in 1995 during the first OJ trial he found a way to entertain many off of the football field with the major drama surrounding hid trial. After all the drama was said and done, he managed to get off because of who he is and the race he is. Now 13 years later as he is found guilty of a crime that is very questionable and received a 33 year sentence because of who he is.(karma)

O.J. Made a statement to the judge claiming that he wasn't aware that he was doing anything wrong, and that he was trying to get back property that had been stolen from his family. O.J seemed very upset at the trial holding back tears claiming that he wasn't trying to hurt anybody and even let an "I'm Sorry" slip out..

I guess it has become harder in 13 years to find a cop that might have had a next door neighbor who's grandmother said the n word in 1945. Damn! I woulda thought there were more of "those people" out there.

I really don't know a whole lot about the case, but he certainly looked convincing that he thought he was doing nothing wrong. In 1995 I didn't think he looked convincing at all. Isn't that ironic...

The Karma kept flowing as the families of Nichole Brown, and Ron Goldman made the trip to be at the trial. Fred Goldman told reporters: "He committed a crime. He's gonna be where he belongs, with others of his kind, and he can complain there. Good for Fred!

As I said before I am not a judgmental person, I just call it like I see it. Never been anything wrong with saying the sky is blue???


Don't like what I have to say? Let me know!

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