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Deja vu

Updated on April 24, 2011

Déjà vu


What is Déjà vu


The term déjà vu was made by a French researcher, Émile Boirac (1851-1917) in his book L'Avenir des sciences physiques (The Future of Psychic Sciences)

A Scientific View

In recent years déjà vu has been subject to psychological and neurophysiological research. One explanation of déjà vu is that it is not an act of premonition or clairvoyance, but rather an anomaly of physical memory from your human brain.

Recent published material from scientific research implies that the brain produces memories from the hippocampus region. A small section of this is called the dentate gyrus and is responsible for "episodic" memories which stores information that allows us to tell similar places and situations apart. The dentate gyrus records a situation's audio, visual, smell, sense of time, and other characteristics for the body's future reference. When there is low performance from the dentate gyrus the supposed memory problem of Déjà vu occurs as the brain has difficulty in telling the difference between two extremely similar situations-the brain is not storing the lifetime memories well enough.

Apparently as people age déjà-vu-like confusion happens more often. It also happens in people suffering from brain diseases like Alzheimer's.

An Alternative View

Déjà vu appears for many to go deeper into our psyche than human brain-like memories do. When you experience déjà vu you certainly feel an emotional and unquantifiable sensation that is fundamentally different to remembering a lost memory, or sorting out information in your brain of who, where, what, and when an event transpired. Déjà vu just feels profoundly different.

I would like to pose the question of how can our human brains lose or distort memories of a foreign land, person, building, or tangible item that we have never seen before in our entire lives and then experience a 5-10 second déjà vu sensation were we experience very clear and concise memory flashbacks to our present surroundings?

The human brain holds memories and information, true enough; but only from this lifetime on planet Earth. Remember you reside in dimension of billions of other galaxies with trillions and trillions of star systems. What about your sprit (mind and soul) that most historical religious figures talked about from Jesus to the Buddha? Is your spirit devoid of all knowledge and memory? I don't think so as there would be no point to the eternal life if you retained nothing. Well would they?

Déjà vu comes from the spirit. It is a result of premonitions prior and during life on planet Earth. Your brain which operates like the memory and processor for the human body latches on to these pre-witnessed events and attempts to process them. You can focus on a normal or forgotten memory when you recollect it, correct? Have you ever tried to focus on a déjà vu sensation? You can't because it is not of this earth world . . . and neither fundamentally are you. Déjà vu comes from the spirit (mind & soul), not from the human brain.

The recent scientific research and other historical studies into the déjà vu phenomenon have my utmost respect. I firmly believe as humanity on Earth moves forward into the 21st century we have to fully embrace science and all of its incredible findings-good or bad! I think the recent scientific explanation of déjà vu hold merit up to a point, but as a definitive answer to déjà vu phenomenon, I do not believe so. You Decide.

About the author: Sandy Andrew is the Radio Show Host & Author of the Universal Learning Series. He was born in the Scottish town of Paisley. He has lived, worked, and studied globally in Scotland, England, South Africa, and the USA. Sandy currently resides in Kansas City, USA, with his wife and daughter.



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