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Depression And Self-Aromassage

Updated on August 7, 2007

Benefits of Self Aromassage

How often should you go for aromassage treatment? If you feel depressed (unmotivated, feeling sick, tense, moody, impatient and lack of energy) self aromassage therapy necessitates its usage and work beneficially for you when done on a regular basis. To avail of this, enroll in a course knowing that if you get a regular schedule from a therapist, it will drain your pocket shortly, discontinuing the treatment you really need. There are courses being offered in small clinics and even in community colleges. Swedish massage and Reflexology are the courses you can take which is enough to get all the aromassage therapy covering the whole one hour body massage which means that touching the whole body through massage eventually activates each specific internal and external organs in order to function efficiently. As depression affects the nervous system, massage plays a very important role changing a depressed state of the mind to a relaxing state aside from being energize resulting to increase blood circulation and could be used as needed frequently without side effects. While at work, aromassage can be done during breaktime for thehands and arms when feeling tired by pressing or massaging the tips of the fingers palms up in an upward motion. This kind of massage can help in preventing the onset of Carple Tunnel Syndrome. Massaging blocks the flow of negative thoughts, depressed mood, constant worries because the mind wll be relax while concentrating on the massage which can be done for a few minutes everyday. Another part of the body that could be self massage is the underfoot by rubbing it. Start a backward then forward motion from the tip of the toes to the tip of the ankle using the edge of the seat of a wooden chair or wooden coffee table. The benefits of doing self massage will be felt in a few months reducing health related expenses and at the same time maintaining and enjoying an over-all feeling of healthy well-being. The palms and underfeet is where the nerve endings of internal and external organs are located.


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