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Dock Lock and Roll from Hot Concepts

Updated on March 25, 2008

Anyone who has ever used a laptop knows how hot it can make your own lap. Generally, the last place I use my laptop is on my lap, because I get that feeling that you get when there is cat on your lap that won’t leave. Sure, it was nice to have that warm feeling, but after a while you get sick of it. Using a laptop on your lap is like that feeling times ten.

Even if you have the laptop on your desk, all that heat that your laptop generates can’t be good for it. I think we all know that when electronic things get hot, that is usually a bad thing.

Perhaps if there was something to make the lap a little bit cooler. This is just one of the uses of the Dock, Lock, and Roll. There are two Ultra Low Noise Fans that provide cooling so you can extend a laptop’s life and performance. All you need to do is connect it to your computer via USB to mini-USB, and the fans will begin.

Not only has this device from Hot Concepts designed to keep your lap and laptop cool, but it has a multitude of other functions as well. For example, you can roll it around, hence the name Dock, Lock, and Roll.

As I mentioned earlier, you can put the Dock, Lock, and Roll on your laptop and set it on your desk. You can then roll it around using the patented Teflon Ball Transfer mechanism, and then lock it into place with the parking brake-like lever. This allows movement around your desk without scratching it all up. This is something that laptop users really need, because frequently there is a lot of pushing around with scuff marks where I am working. That comes from needing room on my desk and just shoving that laptop aside.

I got a chance to talk to the inventor of the Dock, Lock, and Roll, whose name was Carl Jacobs. Jacobs, who is a Senior Account Manager at Hot Concepts, was exceptionally proud of these rolling wheels on the Dock, Lock, and Roll, and could probably talk about them for hours. I can see why, with its 360 degree swivel and 100 percent free range-of motion.

The Dock, Lock, and Roll also has some other features. It has three USB ports, as well as a multi-card reader that is capable of reading SD Series cards as well as MMC Series cards.

Unfortunately, I saw this product at CES 2008 in Las Vegas, and have not seen it appear anywhere since. Even the search that I did on it didn’t reveal anything. So unfortunately, I do not have a price or availability date.


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