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Dont Make Money Online

Updated on February 9, 2009

Because you don't take anything with you when you are gone

You have to have discipline to make money online. You have to research a lot, plan a lot, and work a lot to make money online. At the end of lot of hard work and disappointments and frustrations you will start and make a lot of money. But one of my friend thinks what I am doing is wrong. As I refused to go for trekking this weekend, he said I am fool to work so hard knowing that I am not going to take anything when I leave this world. He said when you are gone nothing matters other than your friends and family.

He was angry mainly because for some reason none of our friend agreed to accompany him in trekking this weekend and he abandoned the idea of going. I don't know about others but I work for future financial freedom. I do not spend all my life working to make money. My father was not rich and I am not, so when I am old I would like to have the luxury of financial freedom to spend my life with ease not in misery.

God creates every person with a purpose in mind. It is that purpose which is the goal, not the graveyard. I think when I am gone nothing matters not even friends or family, but I work because life's purpose is my goal not death. I want a better life for me and my children that is the purpose of my life. Once I achieved this, then let me see why other purpose God is having for me. I strongly believe that as we create cars for transportation with speed, luxury, and comfort as purpose and not junkyard, God also creates us with some purpose not for graveyard. So when they say you don't take anything when you are gone and so don't make anything, they are wrong because I making is my purpose, I have to make. We are here to live our lives the best way we can. Like making and breaking a car is in the hands of man and the car has nothing to do with it, birth and death is in the hands of God and we have nothing to do with it.

I hope my friend also would known the purpose of his life (may be trekking is his purpose) and knows that how is living his life is more important than what he takes or not when he is gone.


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