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Eye Makeup Tips

Updated on March 20, 2008

The following eye makeup tips should be helpful to anyone, whether makeup tips are needed for a special occasion or just to learn how to apply eye makeup correctly. Some people are intimidated by learning how to apply eye makeup. Applying eye makeup is just like any other skill; it takes practice. These eye makeup tips will be useful in helping you look your best.

There are some general eye makeup tips that apply to almost everyone. First, don't overdo the eye makeup. You don't want to end up looking like Mimi from "The Drew Carey Show". At the other end of the spectrum is not wearing eye makeup at all. Eye makeup applied correctly will enhance anyone's looks. At the bare minimum, use mascara.

Video - Leading Makeup Artists Show How to Apply Eye Makeup

More Eye Makeup Tips

One of the most essential eye makeup tips to follow doesn't even involve eye makeup itself. However, the final results of your eye makeup application will be greatly enhanced. Use a simple tool called an eyelash curler. Using an eyelash curler will make your eyes appear bigger and your eyelashes seem longer. Don't skip this most important step when applying eye makeup.

Eyelash curlers are available in almost any store that sells makeup. They range in price, but you don't have to buy the most expensive one. Be sure to buy an eyelash curler that has cushion pads so that it doesn't damage your eyelashes.

Another one of the best eye makeup tips that I use also doesn't involve eye makeup directly. That is to be sure to tweeze your eyebrows. While this has nothing to do with eye makeup per se, your eyes will never look attractive if your eyebrows are bushy or misshapen.

Just like everything else involving beauty tips, you can overboard as well. Don't go crazy with the tweezers. Just tweeze your eyebrows along their natural shape, removing stray hairs.

Eye makeup tips for eye shadow colors also entails eye shadow shades to avoid. Some eye shadow shades shouldn't be worn by almost everybody. These include pink and light blue. Using these colors will usually make you appear tired. Avoid frosted shades of eye shadow for the same reason.

When learning how to apply eye makeup, the natural look is the best look for most people. Use natural eye makeup shades. Don't use blue mascaras and dark purple eye shadows, for example.

Avoid overly dramatic eye makeup looks unless you are going to be in a room with dim lights or are attending a formal occasion. Also, you can go heavier on the eye makeup when you are posing for photographs. Using a heavier makeup application can look natural in photos and can enhance or disguise facial features.

Try these eye makeup tips, especially if you are just learning how to apply eye makeup. If you already know how to apply eye makeup and you skip some of these eye makeup tips, try them and see if you don't like the final results better.

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