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Raw Vegetarian Foods

Updated on November 17, 2006

There are two types of foods: a - LIVING FOODS - These are primarily the raw foods which have all their enzymes. b - DEAD FOODS - These are primarily cooked foods which contain no enzymes. All enzymes are DESTROYED at temperatures of 118 degrees F and above.

Human bodies were designed to process LIVING ( RAW) FOODS rich in enzymes. Through evolution we introduced DEAD (COOKED) FOODS into our diet which don't contain any enzymes. Human beings depend on enzymes to maintain life. Enzymes are protein based chemicals whaich are produced by the body.There are two types of enzymes:

1. Metabolic Enzymes - This group of enzymes are known as the "body's labor force". They are involved in maintaining life and are VITAL for every function of our body. The body produces only a LIMITED SUPPLY of metabolic enzymes. Once the body runs out of metabolic enzymes we die!! That simple.

2. Digestive enzymes - This group of enzymes are key to removing nutrients from the food we eat. If there is a shortage or lack of the digestive enzymes, the food we eat will not be absorbed by the cells and therefore, the body will loose its ability to build new cells, repair damaged cells and maintain healthy cells throughout.

Now, eating raw foods offers all the natural enzymes that are critical to our ability to absorb nutrients and process them into energy source. This, by far, is the best method of maximizing the absorption of nutrients and supporting our bodily functions without using the limited enzymes that our bodies produce.

Eating cooked foods which contain no enzymes depletes the body of its limited supply of enzymes. The more cooked foods we eat the more we tax and harm our system and reduce its ability to rebuild its cells and fight disease. However, if one still desires to eat certain cooked foods be sure to supplement with high potency natural enzymes. This will prevent the body from overuse of the limited supply of metabolic enzymes.

In short, eat raw foods and enjoy a healthier and longer life.


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