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Ebay Strike

Updated on April 11, 2008 has grown into one of the biggest websites on the internet, however as of late they have more than a few unhappy sellers.

The reason behind the strike

From Feb 18th to Feb 25th many ebay sellers have pledged not to sell using ebay's website. Sellers are outraged due to recent changes made by the corparate giant. From the day ebay opened its figurative doors, the online auction site has allowed buyers as well as sellers to leave feedback for one another. This allows future buyers and sellers the ability to refuse service to whats refered to as dead beat buyers and sellers. Part of the changes taking place on Febuary 18th is the abolishment of buyer feedback, taking away the sellers ability to review the customers history as a buyer. Ebay also has raised its fee structure for selling on there site.

Ebay's reply

Ebay insists there recent changes to the policy is to provide a better product to all customers, noteing that once sellers have had time to get familiar with the new policy they will become more comfortable.

Many sellers only use ebay to advertise, making the website there only source of income.

Is there a real competitor to ebay

There are many online auction websites such as,,,, however none produce a great amount of results for the sellers when compared to ebay's product. Many sellers leave ebay behind to "give it a shot" at these sites and others like them, however the majority of these sellers are forced back to ebay due to the decrease in sales.


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    • Jerome Vrega profile image

      Jerome Vrega 9 years ago from Florence, KY

      Great article. Please also check my article here about the current revolution called: WhoBay? Wagglepop is the New Land of Opportunity