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Egg Donorship

Updated on July 2, 2013

Infertility has been rampant the past few years. I have observed there had been more ads showing the need for egg donors. It is now believed infertility is a disease and so far helping couples conceive has become more convenient due to several options on how to conceive.

Women aged 23 to 27 years old are the ideal candidates for egg donorship. Whether you decide in becoming an egg donor for a family member, a friend or someone completely anonymous no one really tells you it is all the same process. You have to go thru a lot of screening like blood work, emotional counseling and testing. There is also a short seminar on the procedure on how the medication would be administered.

Of course there is always a 50% mortality rate for the eggs to survive the fertilization or the freezing but still 15 embryos is still a big number. Who would want 15 kids right? Maybe Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but for a mere egg donor who got paid just 5,000 dollars way back when is never really enough.

Certain agencies in the Bay Area have different rates too. However during the time I was donating whether it is you first time or third time the fee was still 5,000 dollars. Today repeat donors get about 1,500 dollars more, I think? Also since a woman's body can only give so much, a woman is forced to retire if you turn 30 or have donated 6 times already. Sad it may seem it is a short carrer path.

I know for a fact I can still provide eggs even at 33, but still no one would take me. Anyway hope this helps.


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