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Energy Healing

Updated on October 4, 2011

Shamanic Healing Today


Shamanic healing is one of the vast numbers of healing modalities available for us to experience today.

Like acupuncture its roots are in the mists of time and like acupuncture it works with unseen energy. Acupuncture is usually associated with the East, while there have been shamanic healers for thousands of years in tribal communities all around the world.

There are also many contemporary practitioners of this ancient healing art. Traditionally a shaman was someone who was able to communicate with the spirits and visit other realities with their own spirit allies. This is still the case in modern shamanism. A shamanic practitioner will use a drum or rattle to access an altered state of consciousness. In this altered state she is able to enter the lower world, the middle world or the upper world which are the unseen other realities.

Here in the other worlds she journeys with her power animal and helpers to ask for healing for whoever has requested her services.

Shamanic healing is about energy, and typically the shamanic practitioner sees lack of health and well being on any level as being about loss of energy in some form. Trauma, stress, abuse and serious accident at any time in one's life can result in loss of life force, vital energy or essence which is known as ‘soul loss'.

In order to survive seriously challenging situations a soul part leaves the individual and takes refuge in one of the other worlds, taking with it some of the life force.

It does this to assist overall survival. However, it often results in depression, apathy, inability to move on after a loss or death or problems with the immune system. It is the job of the shamanic healer to track down this soul part in the other worlds, to offer it healing and reassurance and to invite it to return and bring back its positive qualities. This is known as ‘soul retrieval' Once the soul parts are returned ,life takes on a new brightness and can be lived with more optimism and delight.

Another issue addressed by the modern day shamanic healer is that of ‘power loss.' Power loss is widespread and may be caused by confrontation, exams ill health, unrelenting problems, lack of community support, erosion of self- esteem, stressful family circumstances or manipulative relationships.

Without our inherent vitality and connection to the cosmic web we become dis-empowered, dejected and dispirited. The shamanic solution is for the healer to journey to the lower world to retrieve the individual's power animal.

Power then returns along with the ability to approach life more confidently and completely and people can deal with the challenges it presents.

The ancient practice of shamanic healing is alive and well and is very useful for an individual who recognises any of the symptoms referred to.

It can support therapy or counselling when it feels as if an impasse has been reached

. It is also useful for a personal development coach to have a shamanic practitioner on their referral list as a individually tailored shamanic sessions

to retrieve soul parts and/or a power animal will give the individual more energy and incentive to design and work towards life goals

Becoming Light- what would it take?

Calling in Light

Are you inspired by the idea of opening to more light, information and expansion of consciousness? I am delighted by the wonderful, mysterious amazing twists and turnsand dances of my life as I call in and receive more light each day.

Here is an uplifting and enchanting meditation to do each day,

I take a few deep breaths in.very gently

As I breathe slowly in I imagine I am breathing in nourishing light

I feel the gentle ,soft touch of light moving through me riding on my breath.

Light flows gracefully into every part of my body.

There is a perfect circulation of light within and throughand all around me.

As Isoflty breathe out I send light out to the world.

The light around me is growing and ever expanding

I call my soul to me simply by having the loving intention to do so.

I imagine its magnificent presence surrounding me with its nurturing, beautiful light.

I feel my soul's power and love.

I gently raw in my soul's light. It comes into every aspect of my being now.

I am becoming ever more radiant with my soul's light.

I transmit my soul's light to our world as it flows through me.

I call light to myself from the higher dimensions.

I notice the high beings of light who are broadcasting light to humanity.

I open to receive all the light the Enlightened Ones are sending.

As I receive their light I affirm that I will use it for my spiritual growth and for the benefit of all sentient beings

I draw in Solar Light the soul of the sun-- the light of beauty and oneness

I fill myself with Solar Light.

With in breath I draw in Solar Light and circulate it throughout my aura, my cells, and my body.

With each breath out I send Solar Light out to the world.

I am becoming a radiant source of light.

I think of the light of the stars, I imagine the light of the Pole Star, the star of direction and purpose, flowing into me.

As I fill up with this light, I now radiate this light of direction and purpose to others.

I sense more and more light radiating from me.

As I draw in light, I become a radiating ,pulsating source of light.

I now stay connected to the light. I automatically draw in light with every breath in.I

think of the souls of all those who are one step behind me.

I radiate light to them.

I think of my loved ones.

As I think of them I fill myself with light.

I transmit the light of my soul, the light of the Enlightened Ones, the Solar Light, and the light of the Pole Star to them simply by thinking of them as I call light to myself.

I am ever more radiant.

I am a source of light.

I am becoming a light that lights the way for others

(Adapted from meditation by Orin)

what would it take for you do this meditation each day and what if you allow yourself to receive a most benevolent outcome?

contact Zannie Rose to learn more ways of playing with light


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    • zannierose profile image

      zannierose 16 months ago

      good that something resonated

    • Melovy profile image

      Yvonne Spence 6 years ago from UK

      A very interesting hub, as I have heard about Shamans but had no idea what they did.

      I like this sentence in particular, it sums up how it feels when we feel disconnected with the universe or life: "Without our inherent vitality and connection to the cosmic web we become dis-empowered, dejected and dispirited."