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Environmental Art

Updated on March 12, 2008

Melba and Mourri

Dolphins painted on a wall at High Mesa Healing Center
Dolphins painted on a wall at High Mesa Healing Center

Bring Peace and Harmony to your Environment

Every iddy biddy detail of our environment has an effect on us. There's the old "nurture vs nature" philosophy of what impacts us the most; our childhood genetic influences or the way we are brought up, and where. Certainly someone living in the noisy, confusing streets of a major city is going to have a different perspective on life than one who lives in a more peaceful setting. This is not to say that one cannot be peaceful amidst chaos - through meditation and mindful practice, anything can be achieved. But, if we live in an environment that is pleasing to the eye and in harmony with our soul, it surely must add to our total happiness.

Mural at Venice Beach, CA

Underwater scene
Underwater scene

Paint your walls

Our home environment is one increasingly unvisited by today's population. Most spend their time working 8 - 10 hours a day and driving at least two of those hours. That's how it is in most big cities. I still have family in Los Angeles and all my siblings work and drive WAY too much. At any rate, the home environment can be enhanced easily by some strokes of a brush. This wall was painted on a stairwell in Venice, CA. many years ago but still exists as a most pleasing visual experience. It makes you happy to see the seascape so lively portrayed. The trick is to blend the colors and style of the home into the painting - then all flows easily and imaginatively.

Painted clouds with spectral rainbows

Transform your space
Transform your space

The Sky is the Limit!

Clouds are a wonderful theme for walls. This space is surrounded by beauty, inside and out. It is situated in the mountains of southeastern NM, so the clouds on the wall mirror the clouds and blueness of the sky outside. It is truely peaceful. The rainbows cast on the wall are called "rainbow windows," prisms in circular metal frames that make the most vivid patterns in spectral colors wherever they are located. They can be bought HERE. I have them all over my house - they give me a "rainbow" shower all day long!

Paint your Dreams

Environmental Bliss!

"Environmental Art" has been a catch phrase for the work I've done for years. Integrating form, color, space, and function has been a life-long process. It does make a difference if we're living in rooms with drab gray or dull-white walls, or rooms that are crisp and calm or bright and invigorating. Colors all have specific vibrations which affect our psyches. I'm not suggesting to make one's home a kaleidoscope of color, but that soothing earth tones can be one person's pleasure, or a baby blue in a kid's bedroom can actually quiet a small child.

Many homes sport the Navajo White throughout. That's OK too, just a bit "predictable." I think if there is nice color play and variation, it increases creativity and imagination. That's the theory, and I'm sticking to it! You can see more of my "Environmental Art" at my website. Enjoy!


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    • Mango23 profile image

      Mango23 9 years ago from New Orleans

      Nice...I've often thought about painting on my walls. This gives me a little inspiration.