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Error 37 Windows Driver

Updated on January 13, 2009

Windows Cannot Initialize The Device Driver For This Hardware. (Code 37)

Sometimes, drivers can become corrupt and return error codes in device manager on the hardware it's associated with. This could be device. (Modem, Ethernet Card, Video Adapter, Printer, etc).

If you're seeing this error, there's not much reason to panic. It can happen for a number of reasons. With computers doing as much as they do, something is bound to get corrupted at some point.

Fortunately, where there's a problem, or error code in this case, there's a solution.

First Solution To Error (Code 37)

I have to assume that since you're seeing the error code, you are already in the Device Manager and looking at the Properties of the device.

From Device Manager, right click on the offending device. Next, choose uninstall. It's okay. It won't fry your computer or anything. It already has something wrong with it and we want to fix it right? Uninstall the driver.

Next, some will say to just scan for hardware changes (right click on the computer in device manager and "Scan For Hardware Changes". I'm not going to do that. Instead, I want you to save all the files you have open and close your applications (You'll have to log back into Pogo or Re-open Solitaire when we're done). Before you restart, bookmark this page or favorite it so that you can come back. Don't want to lose you when you're done restarting. Ok.. once it's done, restart your computer.. WAAAIITTT!! Don't hit the power button and then hit it again to turn it on like you normally do.. Click Start.. Click Shutdown.. Click Restart.

Once restarted, return to the Device Manager. Did it find the driver or are you still getting Error (code 37)?

If it did, you're done reading this. Congratulations. If that didn't resolve your issue, please continue.

Updating The Driver: Fixing Error (Code 37)

Ok. Sometimes, it's necessary to re-install or update the driver. If you don't have the original driver disk, this "could" be a complicated task. However, I propose a solution to even that.

You see, if you re-install the old driver and this repairs the error, you're still stuck with old, outdated drivers. If you decide to take that route, you may as well get very familiar with the uninstall/re-install process because you might be doing it frequently.

I said I had a solution, so here goes...

Use the automatic driver updater to update your drivers. This will not only update the offending driver, it will update the rest of your drivers for you which is part of regular system maintenance. New Drivers are released with fixes to the issues that cause these errors to occur. By backing up your drivers (this product does that to) and updating your drivers on a regular basis, you're less likely to get corrupt drivers. When you do, you have a backup that you can restore easily.

>> Download Update Utility To Fix Error (code 37) <<



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    • profile image

      katbak 7 years ago

      Okay, so I did everything you said except for clicking 'restart' when I went to shut it down, it was an error on my part, and when I went to restart my computer all I got was a black screen????? What caused this and is it reversable???????????????