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Explore marketing on the internet

Updated on November 4, 2006

One day workshop

Attending a one day workshop on Internet Marketing is overwhelming. Now that I am back to my computer I don't know how to start. What I have learned is that I must have my own website and I have to pay a couple thousand of dollars to start it running although they have an offer that is only good for that day which is a monthly plan for three years but my husband said don't be sold out again because you have to research very well where you are coming into. "Yes but I have a free website." I said. I'm thinking that if I can link my present website to other sites then I can start marketing and the giant marketers are MSN, Yahoo, Google , Amazon, Ebay. Adsense, Ebay,and Amazon are link to my website. Excuse me I'm a beginner but since I have an interest to use the internet to sell others product so maybe what I could do is to consult an expert but the presenter called us experts in marketing after the workshop. So where is my expertise? I'm on a blank wall. Wait in my lecture it says it takes time to build a business. What business?Blank wall. That's why I said I'm still exploring.


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    • FullTimeBuddy profile image

      FullTimeBuddy 10 years ago from Pensacola

      Hello Supermaster

      Hey, it's always nice to meet a fellow online marketer!

      Just wanted to introduce myself, feel free to add me to your rolodex.

      My Contact Info:

      Leo Hanes Skype: hanleo46 Tel: 850-266-7903

      I just recently relocated to Tilburg, Netherlands from Florida, a transplantedCanadian actually.

      It took me a long while to realize to give first and it will return,,,,,,

      Learning how to generate your own leads will build your business faster and make any business profitable.

      I suggest you go to and look at a few articles about getting started online...I write many articles......just search on my name, and others.

      Hope this helps a little

      Leo Hanes