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Ezine Ads: What Type to Choose?

Updated on July 11, 2011

There are 3 major types of ezine ads:

  1. solo ads
  2. top sponsor ads
  3. classified ads

What type of ezine ad to choose for promoting your business?

Depends on your answer to these questions:

  • what is your goal?
  • what is your advertising budget?

The solo ads are the most effective ezine ads but are also the most expensive ezine ads. Then the top sponsor ads are less effective and less expensive, and at the end come the classified ads that are the cheapest ezine ads.

Why is that?

A solo ad is an email advert sent alone to the readers. Their eyes are on your ad, nothing else distract them.

A top sponsor ad is part of a regular issue of an ezine, and besides your ad the ezine contains also other information. That's why the solo ads are better than the top sponsor ads.

A classified ad is also a part of a regular issue of an ezine, but its placement is after the top sponsor ad and other information. Because some of the readers don't read the whole ezine, they may never read the part of the ezine where your classified ad is placed. The top sponsor ad is placed right at the top of the ezine and this disadvantage disappear. That's why the top sponsor ads are better than the classified ads.

The purpose of your advertising campaign is also important and has to be taken into consideration when you decide what type of ezine ad to choose.

For example, if you're looking for branding your product or business, then you don't need to spend a lot of money on expensive solo ads distributed to many readers.

You only want your product or business to be visible for a few seconds by as many eyes as possible. You may very well choose a classified ad distributed by as many ezines as possible.

Another example: if you're not in a hurry and you can afford to be patient, then there is no need to spend money on solo ads. Many ezines publishers archive online the regular issues of their ezines. Due to this fact, your ad can be found even after one or more years by a person who is searching for something related to what you promoted. The search engines will work for free for you.

That's a very interesting additional exposure. You may buy an ad distributed to "x" readers but on the long term ... your ad may be seen by much more than "x" readers.


ASSUMPTION: We compared ads distributed the same number of readers. Otherwise you cannot make a comparation. For example, you cannot compare a solo ad distributed to 1,000 readers with a classified ad distributed to 1 million of readers. In such case, the solo ad may be cheaper than the classified ad and the result may be less effective.


About the Author

Adrian Jock is the publisher of Ezine Advertising Info Newsletter, a free newsletter that contains tips for ezine advertisers. To subscribe to the newsletter, click on the above link.


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