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Family Drive In Movie Night

Updated on May 12, 2008

Drive In Movie Night - Family Entertainment For Under Ten Dollars


Ten-Dollar Dad's Budget Drive-In Movie Night

Drive In Movies. Can you remember going to drive in movies as a kid? Mom and Dad would pack up the kids right before dusk and head off to the movies. It was exciting to be outside watching a movie under the stars. On family night you could take the entire clan to the movies, get popcorn and drinks for under $10.00. Oh happy days.....

Today the Drive In Movie theatre is a thing of the past but you can create the excitement and fun of a Drive In movie for your kids (and their friends) for under $10.00 including popcorn and soda!

First you will need to rent two or three videos. If you rent movies from Redbox Vending machines for a dollar a night - including new releases. There is one in our local grocery store. Pick up a box of microwave popcorn and some sodas and you are ready. The total cost is less then ten dollars.

Now to create the Drive In movie experience. It's simple......take your TV and DVD player outside. Grab an extension cord, preferable a heavy duty one, and a sturdy table. Try to set the TV up away from the house in a secluded area where there is a minimal amount of light. Spread out some blankets or grab some lawn chairs and you are set.

I like to let the kids invite some of their friends over for the movies. Get started about a half-hour before dark. This allows the kids to run some energy off and also builds the excitement. As it gets dark turn off all of the outdoor lights and start the show. It is amazing how being outside watching a movie is so different then watching it inside. It will be a hit with the kids!

Not only can you do a drive in movie night for under ten dollars but also the clean up is so much easier. Popcorn on the ground? No problem the birds will clean it up before you walk outside the next day. Spilled soda? No problem the ground won't stain. Just remember to bring the TV and DVD player in before calling it a night.

A Drive In Movie night is a great way to entertain you family for under ten dollars.

Ten Dollar Dad - Family Fun On A Budget

Ten Dollar Dad is a series that gives dads (and moms) insight into how to feed and entertain their family on a budget. The recipes are designed to feed a family of four for under ten dollars. (Cost may vary depending on location and market prices but if you shop wisely you should be able to keep the price under ten dollars.

The series comes from years as a single dad when money was tight. Now that I am remarried to a wonderful woman (check out her blog) I am still learning new recipes and ways to entertain my two young daughters.

You can visit Ten Dollar Dads blog that discusses ways for kids to earn their own money. The site contains useful information and insights that will help you teach your kids and teens financial responsibility while earning their own money.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe and the other Ten Dollar Dad pages. Drop me a line and share your experiences.


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