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Fashion Power: Pretty Floral Vintage Designer Purses

Updated on October 16, 2008

Beware the power of the purse. Nothing sets an outfit off like the right purse, and the wrong purse can make your whole outfit go awry. Any self respecting person therefore has a range of purses to suit their various outfits and spends their days and nights searching for new purses to compliment not just their clothing, but their souls. In the spirit of supporting you all in that quest, I present to you some pretty designer purses which are sure to be versatile enough to work with at least two of your outfits (okay, maybe one on a good day, and by a good day I mean one in which you mess up your medication and end up dancing in the streets wearing the curtains.)

Tapestry Purse

This tapestry purse could have been designed by your great grandmother in the war, but instead it was designed by Kelly Markiewicz, which makes it chic and not at all embarrassing to be seen with. This purse reminds me a little of something that Fraulein Maria might have made in the 'Sound of Music', but it's actually totally new millennium, though I doubt the Captain would approve.  


If you thought the tapestry purse was a little weird, wait until you see this designer purse. It's pretty with flowers all over it, and a crazy ass lion mane fringe which seems to scream 'I might be a lady, but I can kill the hell out of an animal if I want to.' This item was being sold second hand on efashionhouse, so there's a good chance that it was actually Sarah Palin's at one time. This number is by Jamin Puech, one of the hottest names in roadkill fashion.  

Purspective (See what I did there?)

I promised you pretty, didn't I? Well what could be prettier than this little blue round purse which is apparently made from dyed paper straw bag. It's pretty, isn't it? I think monster daisies lurking viciously around a tiny tree makes for a very pretty scene. Also, because this item is made from paper straw, it will burn very well when you're destroying evidence from the scene of the crime. The crime that never happened, yes, that's right. I don't know what you're talking about.  

Trick Purse

Now look at this, a pretty cacophony of fabrics ripped from the bosom of a remainders bin. This delightfully charming sweet purse costs just a fraction of the ones above at about $15.00. Do you see what I did there? I slipped a non vintage designer bag in with the others! Sacrilege! 

Now You Get Yours

The most difficult thing about vintage fashion is that there's a fine line between being a fashion pioneer and a desperate criminal raiding the homes of the elderly, and sometimes that line blurs altogether, leaving one covered in faded floral fabrics and smelling of mothballs. If that kind of dedication escapes you, there's always on line shopping. 


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    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 

      10 years ago from The Ozarks

      Hope Alexander, I like your writing! A purse to complement not just your clothing but your soul --WoW!


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