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Flying Alarm Clock

Updated on December 3, 2007

Let’s face it, it is hard to get up every morning. The temptation just to shut the alarm clock off and just turn over is so astounding, I am amazed that I can even get to work on time. (That is, most of the time.) If you’re like me, you can turn off the alarm and not even remember it. At least, I think that is what happens, because I would swear on my mother’s grave (she isn’t dead yet) that I set it the following morning.

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that keeps me awake after the alarm goes off is when I get out of bed and start doing things. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I am not really awake until some time before I am driving there. I think it has something to do with the conscious brain trying to process information awake, or something of that matter. For some people, it can be the shower or a cup of coffee that wakes them up, but what if you had to actively search for something?

This is the concept of the Flying Alarm Clock. This style of alarm clock has a propeller on top that is launched when it goes off. The sleeper is forced to get up and return the spinning thing to its base just to stop the blaring alarm. And believe me, the alarm is pretty loud. It feels like it should be in a submarine loud. So by the time you can find the propeller thing, you will be so filled with adrenaline that you will have to be awake.

This alarm is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are not included. Setting the time on the LED backlit display and setting the alarm wake-up time are quite simple, not even requiring any instructions, really. The same goes for assembling the propeller mechanism. In case you’re wondering, there is a tiny button on top that will test out the propeller and alarm. Also, the Flying Alarm Clock has a snooze feature which allows for another four minutes of time if needed.

You can purchase the Flying Alarm Clock at Baron Bob’s website for just $24.95. This is the same site that states that increases Alarm Clock Wake Up Time by 83%. Of course, this is according to an Oxford test study that does not exist. I’m glad they were honest, but hey, a device like this could improve anyone’s wake-up time.


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    • profile image

      Andy Johnston 7 years ago

      This is ingenious! It forces you to get up out of bed, locate the flying alarm and return it to its place in order to get the alarm to go off. I Love it! I think it would guarantee to wake anyone up and get their blood pumping fast.

    • snarlmkiv profile image

      snarlmkiv 9 years ago

      finally, a clock which can piss people off even by waking them up. hahaha. great hub my friend. really nice. i want to buy something like this. time for me to scour the malls.