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FogSHIELD Security System

Updated on August 7, 2007

I think we all agree that we live an age of increased security since 9/11. Yet some increases in security seem a little extreme. I mean, is it really necessary for me to dump my liquids before I get on a plane?

I found a product the other day that also has me questioning the age of increased security. The FogSHIELD is, stated simply, a device that can emit a dense cloud of fog that can fill a 2,000 sq. foot home in less than 15 seconds. This figure comes directly from the FogSHIELD site itself, and they say it makes any room that a burglar is in completely blinded for 45 minutes.

In other words, FogSHIELD is a device that smokes burglars out. Actually, fogs them in is the better word for it. An intruder who is not prepared for the fog will be tripping all over him or herself searching for the doorway out. That is, until the cops come.

You will note my emphasis on the words "not prepared". I am guessing that professional burglars are used to working in the dark, and they probably have ways of retracing their steps should "the lights go out". They would have to, if they were good. As long a burglar didn't lose his or her head, he or she could be out of the house before the cops left, and the home or business owners would be left with a house of sand and fog.

I am also assuming that if burglar can't see through the fog, then you can't either. Unless you are wearing night-vision goggles, which I don't see mentioned on FogSHIELD's website at all. But if FogSHIELD is rendered useless with night vision, then burglars will quickly adapt.

At least you don't have to worry about the fog leaving some sort of residue. According to their site, the fog is non-toxic and made from nightclub fog mixes of glycol and water. Not only that, the company says that the fog has a mint scent as well. Allow me to quote Donkey from Shrek when I ask: "Do I detect a hint of minty freshness?"

You also don't have to worry about setting the FogSHIELD off accidentally. Apparently, it requires a lot of trips to activate it, which makes me wonder how it would react in an actual emergency.

Well, you can purchase it for about $4,200 USD, which may be a small price to play to frighten away professionals from your art or other valuables. I don't really know how this would or could work in the real world, though. Maybe FogSHIELD needs to market to nightclubs.


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