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Free Trials - The Key To Your Direct Marketing Campaign

Updated on September 23, 2007

Free Trials – The Key To Your Direct Marketing Campaign

If you haven’t given free trials a thought before, you could definitely benefit from them now. Free trials give your prospects an opportunity to experience your products or services. This is important, because sometimes, you can actually end up boosting your conversion rates by giving a free trial.

People are more paranoid in today’s world than ever before. Skepticism is just a part of the natural fears people have when they read ads and sales materials. Everyone’s afraid of getting ripped off, and rightly so. You’ve got to set yourself apart and reassure your prospects that your products and services are the real deal. Nothing beats experience. When your prospects have had a chance to experience your products or services, then there is no question left in their mind.

Many marketers have been using free trials to tempt new customers. It is very effective, because once your customer knows your product, then you can build a relationship with that person, and have a lifetime customer. The lifetime customer value of a new customer can be enormous. A direct marketing campaign that uses free trials can boost your profit margin immensely!

Your customers may stay with you for many years to come, and when you look at it from a lifetime value perspective, then free trials take on a whole new meaning in your direct marketing campaign.

Some people balk at giving away a free trial of their product. They may even feel that they are losing money. There are instances, in your direct marketing campaign, where free trials may be costing you out of pocket. If you can set up an effective and efficient direct marketing campaign, then the initial cost will pale in comparison to the ultimate overall profits that come in.

The most popular free trial is known as the 30 day Free Trial. This is very effective, because new habits take about three weeks to be formed. By getting your prospects to participate in your program for a minimum of 4 weeks, such as subscribing to your newsletter, it can turn very easily into a habit for them. Free trials also have the power to prove that you are legit or quality. By offering a free trial, you show confidence in your own products and services. Don’t hesitate to trial using free trials in your direct marketing campaigns. If it works, you definitely can boost your profit margin by two or three times as much as you do now.


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