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Updated on August 7, 2007

Many kinds of friends

Since childhood I met some friends, real friends. By the way a friend is an acquaintance to whom you can share your interests your problems or any topic that comes to mind between the two of you. But there are many kinds of friends. An old friend is someone you have known for a long time and this friend knows everything about you because you once shared everything about your life with her and vice-versa. I want to keep this kind of friend in matters of emergencies who is dependable and helpful. If you say I need some groceries she will say that she can buy some for you if you are too busy. At the same time she can also depend on me to do something for her. A new friend is the same as an old friend , the only difference is that you must have to learn from each other first if you have the same interests. Sometimes in your converstion it is not intentional but you mention something that interest her. One example is reading magazines and you started to talked about the contents of that magazine. But I have a new friend who comes from the same place where I came from and she knows some of my friends. These is in one way of continuing relationships wherein you feel comfortable with her with reference to that friend that I know. But you can also lost friends no matter how intimate you were before. I have some family friends whom my freindship with them fall apart. They were my friends in the church. When the church doctrines change its members parted ways that even when we see each other it is not as close before. I don't know why it should happen that way .


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