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From the Ditch to a Diamond

Updated on September 21, 2008

How I found my "Why"


It was about 7:30 a.m. on January 11th 2006 when the phone rang and it was my daughter. Half asleep I heard her voice tremble saying, "Mama, get up and get dressed. I am on my way to get you. Daddy fell off the trailer at work and the ambulance is on the way to get him." My heart dropped to my feet! My husband, Danny had been driving local for a grain elevator and loved his job! As I sprang from the bed, I thought about the lady we met at the hospital in Texas in June 2005 that was there with her husband who had fallen from a semi trailer and was considered near brain death. My heart raced and so did my mind. It is the call you always know is possible but try not to think about. It was almost 15 miles to the hospital from home and it seemed like 100. I called and talked to a co-worker of his and asked if he knew any details. He told me that all he knew was that it was bad.

We made it to the hospital and they told us that he had a crushed vertebrate and they were transporting him to Jackson, MS where there was a neurosurgeon standing by to get him into surgery. All I could think at the time was "He is alive!" I felt both terrified and grateful at the same time. Little did I know that the emotional roller coaster that I was on would soon give way to a defining moment in my life that would change everything in our lives! All I knew at that moment was that I still had my soul mate and best friend. I didn't care what the doctors said would be the outcome because I knew that we were given another chance and we would make the best of it together.

We arrived at the hospital that afternoon and after the neurosurgeon did his exam he told us that he wanted to avoid surgery if possible because it would be better if Danny could heal on his own. While this was a bit risky sounding, we were relieved to hear it. It would be 3 months of healing time before he could return to light duty and only then if things went well. The objective was to keep the bone fragments from shifting into the nerve endings in the spine. In the first couple of months, he would need assistance just to get out of bed. Of course, I would be there for that, although my Mother had been put in intensive care the day after his accident. I would have someone come and stay for a few hours to allow me to go visit her as I could and that worked out well. My biggest challenge would be to keep him still for a while. All he could talk about was walking and getting back to work! If there was ever anyone who was determined and motivated, it was him!

5 days before his accident, with Danny's encouragement and support, I had decided to invest $500 in starting my own business with a gift warehouse we had heard about. Now, with me needing to be home with him, I wouldn't be able to get out to get it started. I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if we had not been so blessed with his recovery? What if he hadn't made it? I had no income, no credit, nothing. I was totally dependant on him to survive! I knew I had to make my business work and I didn't want to wait to get started on it. Since I had to be home with him, I decided to start building my website, adding my products, advertising, etc., etc. So I took care of him and spent about 10 to 14 hours a day working on the computer to get my business started.

After 3 months, he returned to work but the bills had piled up from the lack of income since worker's comp is never as much as the actual income. We had to make the decision to move to my Mother and brother's house until we could get our finances back in line so we could move back home. During this time, I kept plowing away at the business. While I made great progress with the site and advertising, nothing was moving. I certainly wasn't making enough to cover the cost of the business. I knew that I didn't want to just give up but I also knew that I had to try something different if I wanted to stay in business. In July 2006 I had become a distributor of gourmet vegetable blend scented candles. I joined just for the opportunity to offer the products to my gift customers. I had no intention of starting another business. After all, it was all I could do to promote the one I had!

In January, 2007 I knew something had to be changed. I decided to give MLM another try since I had tried many over the past 20 years with little success. I did, however, see that the concept was a great one. I just needed the right company. I decided to try the MLM part of the candle business since everyone was so interested. I also began to read excellent books such as Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield, The Secret by Rhonda Burn, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, along with articles, newsletters, email courses, e-books or any other source I could find for teaching self-growth and success. This would prove to be the best decision I had ever made!

In just a few months, I had reached Diamond level in our company, had over 50 publications of my motivational and business articles, started publishing a newsletter, had 2 personal websites and one company site and had dropped all of my suppliers of gifts.We are now living in north Mississippi and even more grateful for it than ever! I know that without the empowerment of learning and sharing that knowledge that none of this would have ever happend! I am amazed at the success that I have accomplished in such a short time just by applying the attitude of gratitude and being in an excellent MLM business that fits the concept that I knew was great from the beginnning of Network Marketing. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the feeling that I receive every time I help another person! Great things are possible if you find the right company and aquire the right learning tools to put you on the path to success! It is because of this business and the great training of masterminds such as Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar, Tim Sales, Bill Harris, Rhonda Burn, Lisa Nichols and many, many more successful people that I have accomplished my goals and learned how big I really can dream! Daddy always told me that if I ever wanted anything in life to find someone who already had it and find out how they got it and follow their advice. He was a very wise man!

My husband is my true what and why in my aim for success and we have set the goal for his full retirement by December 30, 2008. I will no longer have to see him in so much pain after a long day on the job! Ahhh, what a beautiful thought that is! Believe, focus, be grateful and you will succeed!

© 2007 Bonnie N. Ramsey

Bonnie Ramsey

Diamond Team Leader


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