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Updated on November 23, 2006

Olympic Games

Retold stories of Greek mythology may show influences in modern history, geographically and present day living. The Amazon River of Brazil was named after women warriors called Amazons. Atlas, geograhical maps named after the God of the Sky holding up planet Earth on one hand, the land of the Underworld popularly known as the land of the Dead, maybe the cemeteries of today could certainly lead us to believe that they really happened but to the contrary it may only be stories orally spoken handed down from generation to generation until they were written, printed and published and now read all over the world. Venus, the goddess of Beauty certainly didn't exist at all but she maybe compared to beauty queens of today. Cupid, the goddess of Love who is always believed to capture hearts on Valenine's Day may only play a role in our imagination as the messenger of love. The Midas touch like all fairy tales maybe seen when worn by celebrities adorned with expensive jewelries. Heracles, the strongest man must have been borrowed from the bible in the name of Samson, in other words Hercules. Whenever man uses characters from Greek myths, it is only to perpetuate their influences and contributions to humanity like the Olympic Games believed to have originated at Mt. Olympus in Greece by Heracles, but still if these athletic activities truly happened in those times, they have come to life according to what is told in the story on how to play the game in line with the innate sporting ability of man so all kinds of sports had evolved to this day. The Olympic Games which is the highest distinction in world sports may have been inspired by Greek's arts and literature.


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    • bright_sorcerer profile image

      bright_sorcerer 9 years ago from London, Canada

      This was an interesting hub..I've always had an interest in Greek mythology. I've also linked this hub to one of mine, a poem called The Amazon Principle, which you may enjoy.