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Get free stuff on the Web

Updated on February 15, 2008

Genuinely Free Stuff on The Web

There are many scources of free stuff on the internet, I have seen it myself. In my opinion, roughly 95% of what you see isnt free. Most of what you see as free can still cost you dearly on your two most valuble commodities, your time, or your money. And nobody wants that.....

Here are some tips on what to look out for to see if its genuine:

  • Trust well known names (eg. blockbuster) as they usually dont swindle people, they care for their reputation.
  • Don't trust flashy websites with goofy looking testimonials. If they are genuine they wont need that crap
  • Never spend money trying to ultimatley get something free
  • Trust private ads. There are some great sites which advertise people who are giving stuff away they no longer want. These usualy indicate that theyre genuine.
  • Ask around. You can ask if nyone has used the site before. This can be done on websites such as Yahoo! answers.
  • Be wary of survey sites. There are too many phonies to mention here.
  • Trust samples. If a known company is giving away a free sample of one of their products, it usualy is genuine.

Here are some links to get genuinely free stuff:

  • - There are some genuine stuff on this, I looked them up. Be wary of one that sound too good to be true.
  • - This one helps with free make-up and perfume for the ladies
  • - I love this. Free TV shows & Movies
  • - same as above!
  • - free full books to download
  • - free recipies dictated by what ingerdients you have!
  • - It has a software package that allows you to make word documents without Microsoft Office!
  • - tonnes of free software for all manner of things on you pc
  • - Im addicted to this! Post a few books you want to give away and in turn you can ask someone to send you one of the old books their giving away. FREE!
  • - Computer nerds make new programmes availble for download at your leisure
  • - Fre international calls if you have a mic and headphone for your pc
  • For more search google but be careful and ensure its genuine before you do anything!

I am not advertising for any of these companies, I am simply writing about what I have came across online and what websites I trust to be Genuine. By Stainluss


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    • cgull8m profile image

      cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

      I use which belongs to Cnet, they check the downloads to make sure it is free from spyware, and I could find great stuff there. The above list is very good.