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Psycho Amazon Sellers Anyone?

Updated on January 18, 2009

Likely will drop me as their wonderful Affiliate the moment this one hits the google search engines.

In all regards though, I will say that out of all of my transactions strictly FROM Amazon, I have never had a problem.

Flop a seller into the equation though and all hell breaks loose.

You see, the ONLY reason I ever began buying things on Amazon was because I was so sick and tired of sending Ebay sellers money, and having them keep my money and never sending me my goddamn things.

Enough was enough, so I bailed out. I was sick of the run around, and sick of the scumbag sellers who had the nerve to leave me bad feedback after cashing my check, and sending me squatta.

My friend told me Amazon was better, so naturally I hit up Amazon and had great online shopping transactions... that was till this past month.

I placed an order on a product. I won't dare mention the product, because likely this insane seller will find this Hub, and start stalking me.

Anyhow, the product arrived damaged. The seller seemed willing to help me, but told me that the item I ordered was no longer available. Would I be willing to take another of close to the same, for the same price?

I took a look at my new options, and was alright with the downsize. I however took around a $10.00 loss. At any rate I didn't care it was all good by me at that time. I'm relatively easy to please.

I had to pack up the broken item, send it back, and pay shipping once again.

A week later I got my new item. Nice and defective.

At this point I was so livid I simply asked for a full refund. There was no way in hell I wanted anything more to do with this deadbeat. I figured they were making defective crap, and didn't even bother to test the item before sending it.

In my email to them though I was careful and kind with my words. I have run into quite a few whack jobs who go ballistic whenever you, the customer, ask for a refund.

Even with my nice polished letter, and request for a refund, I was still delivered a nice snide return email.

This seller refused to refund me, and they seemed angered by the fact that I wanted my money back for their broken piece of crap. They then implied that they would hand deliver the product to my door.


All my life while ordering on Amazon, or ebay I had never ever run into such a person. I have never ever in my life had anyone offer to hand deliver something I ordered online. I'm used to sexy guys in tight brown uniforms delivering my goods...not some random 'seller'. Random seller with a shitty attitude either.

Before I even got the chance to reply how ridiculous I found this to be, they shot me another email. THIS TIME THEY WROTE IN BIG BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS.

I guess that was a hint that they were 'oh so mega mad'. I mean how dare I ask for a refund for this piece of garbage!

They pretty much tried making me feel ashamed, and stupid, and even implied that they tried very hard to please me not once, but twice, and still I am unhappy. Then they again repeated the fact that I would not be getting a refund.

Umm..okay... so why the F would you send me something broken twice!?!?! If you're looking to please me, why the hell would one actually fathom sending me broken goods twice?

The seller then had the stupidity to tell me that they are losing money, that they sent this item out twice, and they lost shipping money twice.

Now had this dip-shit had a brain, and passed 1st grade math, they'd realize that I- ME- YOURS TRULY paid the shipping the first time it arrived to my door. I the CUSTOMER also paid the shipping ONCE again to re-send them back their broken crap.

The seller ONLY took a small loss when they re-sent me another broken item. I guess they are thinking that even though I paid the shipping the first time, it doesn't count?

Regardless though, it comes down to only two options. I'm out $100, or they come and hand deliver it?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!?!

Is this mofo serious!?

Had I ordered something broken from say...Macys, or Sears, they'd immediately refund me, and they likely would let me keep the broken crap. No way in hell would a reputable company send out an employee to MY HOUSE to deliver me a new one.

Still though I feel like if I don't go with 'their' only option, I will be at a loss of $100, and shipping. I never in my life have ever been treated with such disrespect, and with such an invasion from any online transaction I have ever made. I'm disgusted and appalled that Amazon allows such sellers on their site. I thought plagues like this only roamed Ebay pastures, so I'm sad to report that Amazon seems to be the new dumping ground for ex-ebay members.

Here's a tip though. If you ever plan on buying something online from an Amazon seller, make sure that their feedback is 100% positive, and also, try and find out where the seller is from. Make sure they're not in the next town over.

Unfortunately for me, I believe everyone is good and honest, and this is why I was taken for a tool.

At any rate, if you folks don't hear from me for a few days, do know that a psycho Amazon seller came to my house, and likely blew out my brains due to a transaction gone horridly wrong.

Anyways, I'm only venting about it here on my Hub, because I am a giant pussy, and I wanted to cuss this foul creature out in every which way...unfortunately this assclown is just too close to home for comfort, and apparently they only comprehend small fluffy words. Me apologizing to them, for the fact that they are an 'A-Hole', was the only way I could get this snide piece of work to talk with me in a comprehensible respectful manner.

So how do I handle this situation? This person is coming to my house!? My whole life I was told to never meet with strangers you meet online... yet Im being forced to go about the transaction this way, or I'm out my money? What's up with that!?!?!

In this situation I feel like my best bet is to dispute this transaction with my credit card. I have a hunch that the moment I tell them that A-hole refused a refund, unless he could come to my house, they would definitely be in my favor.

My safety is my priority, and knowing that this apparent psychopath knows my address now, worries me a lot.

I'm done venting for now, but the reason I really wanted to write about this Amazon horror story was to see if anyone else out there reading this has had something similar; or worse happen to them when dealing with online sellers.

I know their are countless folks who have been ripped off when it comes to online purchasing, but has anyone out there experienced something worse than being yanked a few bucks?

Please share your story if you have one. We can compare notes and cuss these deadbeats out in the comment section.

-Final tip- If you're going to buy on Amazon, buy directly from Amazon, even if you have to pay a few dollars more. It's worth it in the end.



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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Is your psycho Amazon seller "ryajortyl"? I also requested a refund for a book that was not "like new" at all and I got this response:


    • ajcor profile image


      9 years ago from NSW. Australia

      wicked thought -tit for tat!

    • MellasViews profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Earth

      Yeah, I just have this itching feeling theyre only going to send half of what I paid. Its ridiculous, but if a red cent is missing, Ill just dispute it with my card co.... or maybe I should just head over to their house? lol

    • ajcor profile image


      9 years ago from NSW. Australia

      great news mellasview - pleased for you...hope the right amount of money comes through for you!!

    • MellasViews profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Earth

      My bro bro is the police. : ) hehehe. So if he wanted to show up, I called for a good ol fashioned tazzin. haha. But he called, and said he'd give us a refund. I dont know wtf he was thinking, comin to my house? I can pretty much guarantee the refund will be less than what I paid.

    • ajcor profile image


      9 years ago from NSW. Australia

      I'm with you Pam - pleae be careful mellasviews

    • Pam Roberson profile image

      Pam Roberson 

      9 years ago from Virginia

      Wow Mellas! I feel so bad for you. I think you already have a good idea about what to do. Don't answer the door, call the credit card company and dispute the charge, and print out all those emails to have as evidence. If this psycho person does show up at your door, call the police. That person is insane.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 

      9 years ago from UK


      I have often sold second-hand books via Amazon, and would never dream of behaving like this. Totally bizarre! I hope this tale has a sensible ending. Good luck!

    • ajcor profile image


      9 years ago from NSW. Australia

      awful - do you have a neighbour who will babysit you for the ten minutes that the psycho is there?

    • MellasViews profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Earth

      supposed to be here today at around 7. The whole thing is just all too weird.

    • ajcor profile image


      9 years ago from NSW. Australia

      My God MellasViews - this is dreadful - make sure you set a definite time when they are to be there with your goods (those goods you have already paid for a couple of times already) and also have a friend and their great, big, slavering dog with them -(even rent a dog if you have to!) - don't be alone in case the person is a true psycho - keep the screen door locked and between you and your new friend (not) - please keep us posted - so nasty!!!...cheers


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