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GigaWorks T40 PC Stereo Speaker System from Creative

Updated on May 23, 2008

I think every desktop computer needs to have a good set of stereo speakers for some kickin’ sound. After all, almost all computers are DVD compatible, and who doesn’t like to watch some good YouTube videos now and then? You might as well have some quality sound that is as good, if not better, than the stereo that is attached to your television. In fact, most people are watching their television through streaming video off their computers these days.

I suppose that this is what Creative was aiming for when they designed the GigaWorks PC Speaker system. The GigaWorks series has earned Creative many accolades and includes the S750 7.1 multi-speaker system, the HD50 dual speaker system, as well as the T20 and T40 models.

The GigaWorks T40 model is a pretty amazing two-speaker model with its three-driver design that includes dual woven glass fiber cone woofers. The cloth dome tweeters have a better resistance to humidity and temperature changes. The tweeters also feature Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange (MTM) driver configuration that can improve the overall audio balance with deeper and richer bass effects, resulting in a smoother performance.

The T40 also uses BasXPort technology to enhance the lower range by efficiently channeling sound waves from the inner chamber to the soundstage. All of these aforementioned features combine to create 14 Watts of RMS per channel, which makes for sound that is pretty incredible.

When I tried these out, I was quite impressed. The speakers are easy to install as they plug into the back speaker port. I put in National Treasure, and I was amazed at how well the speakers could handle the sound effects and voices, and the background music felt so awesome that I thought there was an orchestra in the room. The controls are located conveniently on the outside with bass, treble and volume easily accessible.

Not only do the T40 speakers sound good, they look good as well. The T40 has a distinctive industrial aura design, so they have these wonderful reverse curves that make these T40 speakers look really…sexy.

Not only are these speakers great for the PC, but they can be connected to the television or gaming console. The GigaWorks T40 comes with a dual RCA-to-stereo adapter dongle that will connect the speakers right in. The kit also comes with stereo-to-stereo audio cable, as well as a power supply adapter. You can purchase the GigaWorks T40 at the Creative Website for about $149.99.


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