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GirlGenius Suggests -- Adam Bede, one amazing man

Updated on December 4, 2008

A Man that Women will dream of....

The novel "Adam Bede" was written by George Eliot in 1859. (George Eliot was the pen name of a woman, Mary Ann Evans).

Our title character is a good man in every possible way -- hard-working, honest, and intelligent. Adam works as a carpenter and is good to his workers. I am sure he was very handsome, too!

Some interesting things were happening back in Adam Bede's time. For one, a lady preacher comes to town! (Remember, this book was written almost 150 years ago.) Her name is Dinah and she is just as hard-working and intelligent as Adam is. But there is a little problem...

Adam's eye has been caught by a very pretty but rather simple local girl, Hetty. And he is not the only one to have noticed her! The son of the local Squire has taken up a flirtation with her as well. Whereas Adam's intentions are honest -- he hopes to marry Hetty -- the young Squire has more selfish plans.

Thnigs take a turn for the worse when Adam stumbles upon the young Squire "taking advantage" of Hetty out in the fields. The two men fight, and Adam wins. The young Squire leaves town.

But then Hetty finds out she is pregnant. Adam offers to marry her (he is such a great guy!) but Hetty later decides to go searching for the young Squire. She is convinced that he will help her.

Dinah, the preacher, and Adam work together to make sure that justice is done. She ends up staying at his house, with his brother and mother. Total chaos nearly erupts where Adam's brother starts to fall in love with Dinah, but his mother can see into a woman's heart and finds a way to fix everything. She talks sense into Adam, and helps him realize what he's been feeling for a long time.

Dinah's journey is a bit different. She must decide if she can love God and love Adam at the same time.

This book is one of my absolute favorties -- Adam is such a fascinating character. He is proof that some men can have an excellent mind for business and still make poor choices in love. To his credit, he is wise enough to listen to his mother's advice before Dinah slips out of his life.

George Eliot, the author

She was brilliant!
She was brilliant!

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    • Majadez profile image

      Maja Dezulovic 6 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      It's nice to see that there's another Mary Ann Evans fan here. I haven't read the book but enjoy the poetry. One of my favourites is

    • girlgenius profile image

      girlgenius 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thank you, Chris!

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hi! i love how you make classic literature easy to digest! Looking for more such hubs. I'm a fan :D