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GirlGenius Suggests -- Moll Flanders

Updated on November 30, 2008

Ladies, are you looking for adventure?

Daniel Defoe wrote MOLL FLANDERS in 1722, just 5 years after writing ROBINSON CRUSOE. Moll's advetures in life, and in love, make for some very interesting reading!

To be fair, life did not start off well for Moll. She was born in a prison and her mother was hanged shortly after Moll's birth. Then she is shipped off to a foster family, where she is loved and treated well. But her beauty and her wit catch the eyes and the hearts of the young men in the family... and the trouble begins!

Poor Moll becomes a victim of circumstance, again and again, She tries to do the right thing and sometimes it backfires. She collects an impressive list of husbands (and children who are for the most part abandoned) then is forced to flee to the New World (America) to start anew.

There are several themes in this book that are probably inappropriate for children. Moll, for the most part, is a good-hearted person. However, she does end up sleeping with one brother for a few months, but then is forced to marry his younger brother. At one point, it looks as though she has married her own brother -- without realizing it!

This is a fascinating book. Defoe does a great job of peering into Moll's heart and the reader can easily follow along on her amazing adventure. This was a huge best-seller in its day and has continues to be loved and studied even now..

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Photo of Daniel Defoe, the author

Such a dashing fellow!
Such a dashing fellow!


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