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Guitar Hero III for the Wii

Updated on May 23, 2008

Isn’t it amazing how Americans can always find new technological things to be addicted to? For example, I had my first experience with Guitar Hero III for the Wii, the other day, and found it no surprise why the Guitar Hero game series is a new addiction that is sweeping the nation. After all, the game takes the lifelong dream of becoming a rock god and turns it into something achievable after about a few hours’ worth of practice.

For those of you who have dropped off the video game planet for a few years, Guitar Hero is a game that requires a special Guitar shaped controller or “Axe”. On the neck of the controller are five different colored buttons or “frets” which you must push at the right time while simultaneously strumming. For the Wii, the Axe is completely wireless as the controller fits right in.

If that sounds easy, believe me, it isn’t. The first songs, even on the Easy setting, can be quite difficult for a first time user as he or she moves his or her fingers to match the chords. I highly recommend “Slow Ride” by Fog Hat, as the chord progression really teaches a new player how to shift their fingers.

I also found that a newer player can finish a song in about one hour’s worth of playing. That can be a pretty painful hour as incorrect playing will result in a cacophony of broken notes. Too much of these bad chords, and the game will have the player being booed off the stage. When you finally master the first song, many songs can be played to completion. There are many songs that even on the “Easy” level can be quite difficult.

The Easy mode only uses the first three frets, and many of them can be played well on the first try. As for the Medium Mode, the fourth fret gets added, and the user must play a lot faster. All five frets are used by the time you get to Expert, and the fingers have to really move fast in order to play that right. So far, I have only played one song on Medium.

The game starts with about eight songs, and they have to be conquered in order to unlock other songs. However, there are cheat codes, and I have included links to some well-known one on some sites below. I used this one to unlock all the songs, because I could not wait to play them.

Guitar Hero III for the Wii is one of those games that I just could not put down. I just kept saying: “Just one more song”, and it was after one in the morning.

In short, get this game as soon as you can, from anywhere that you can.


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    • profile image

      Sakihta 9 years ago

      I am trying to buy one for the house. Am stuck on what I need to purchase. Bought a Wii for xmas, and want GH III Legends of Rock for Wii. Can you advise on what all I need to purchase?

    • profile image

      ytasum 9 years ago

      the easy expert cheat doesnt work how does it work