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HAVA Platinum HD

Updated on July 30, 2008

Television is changing a lot. It would appear that TiVo and other forms of DVR are going to be the standard of recording.

There are many ways of recording, and one of the ways is through the HAVA. The HAVA Platinum HD is a way of taking shows right off the television and streaming them to your Personal Computer. The television shows are recorded onto a computer’s hard drive.

All that is required of the user is to connect the HAVA unit to the television, via the included composite cables and network cable. Power up the HAVA with the AC cord, and set up with the included software.

As long as the HAVA Platinum HD is connected to a network-connected PC, the user will be able to record programs. You can watch these television programs on the PC, and a TV tuner card is not required.

The software has a window that looks just like a remote control. Not only can a user record from their PC, but the user can pause, rewind, and fast forward.

If a user does not want to keep programs on their hard drive and take up space, they have the option of archiving them by burning them onto a DVD.

What is extremely great about the HAVA is that it allows you to watch and control the home television, set top box or DVD player from anywhere in the world from a broadband Internet connected PC, or mobile phone.

Not only can one PC uses this, but the HAVA Platinum HD can be set up for multiple PCs (up to three at a time).

The video quality is HD, and a lot like a DVD. It uses a high-performance video compression chipset and utilizing the standard MPEG-2 (or MPEG-4) to provide very clear video.

The user has the option of watching the their television on their home network for all the services, including web browsing, e-mail, chats, printing, or file transfers. All of this is possible with VBooster technology, that is able to run all video programs while leaving networks intact.

I found that this HAVA was a very terrific tool for someone like me, who likes to watch television while you’re on the computer. I found that by connecting the HAVA to the television, the user can change channels from the computer.

All in all, The HAVA Platinum HD is a very handy product for those who want their television footage directly onto their computer. It can be purchased on the HAVA site for about $149.99. It comes in a lot of wireless versions that should also be checked out.


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