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Updated on October 13, 2008

Many bloggers write to fullfil their need to express themselves or share their knowledge. After starting and writing their blogs, they share the blogs by submitting to many blog submission directories and through article submission. If the blogger has an interesting theme, he will start getting traffic from these sites and if the blogger is a master of the subject and has a writing style which is very gripping, slowly but steadily his and the blog's popularity increases, other bloggers refer to the site and give links to the site. Eventually, the blog becomes a hit. If you are one of this type of bloggers you can stop reading this post here.

There are other type of bloggers who write to make money. Traffic to the website is more important to these bloggers than the first type because while the social bloggers main need of expressing themselves gets fullfiled once the blog is published, the money making bloggers have nothing to do with self expression they need traffic so that they can sell something through various methods from google adsense to affiliate products.

The success of money making depends mainly on traffic from search engines known as search traffic because it is believed that while the social traffic visits to read, the search traffic visits to buy. Successful money making bloggers use a lot of techniques both white hat and black hat. But all of them know the importance of ranking on the top page of search engine because search traffic seldom reach the second page. The most desired position would be the top of the first page of the search engine, because very little traffic trickles down to the tenth position.

There are only two main factors which will decide whether your site ranks well or not. One is keyword and other one is backlinks. A keyword is just a word or a group of words which people type to search using the search engine. Backlink which is also called as incoming link, inlink, inward link is an incoming link to the website. Now to rank on the top of the first page of search engine (read Google), you need to have better keyword authority and backlinks which are both better in both quality and quantity.

There are many ways to get backlinks. You can buy backlinks. You can share links with others. You can comment on other blogs and get back links. You can submit you blog to social blog directories and get backlinks. You can write articles and submit them to sites like goarticles or ezine. Searching for a better paying keyword and writing quality articles with keyword density is easy than getting quality backlinks. No doubt you can get backlinks through all the above methods but it is very strenuous method and most often (other than the backlinks which are bought) carry very little quality. The best backlink is a link from a page where there are very few outgoing links (better if the page has a PR) and carries you keyword as an anchor text. Article submission is the best method to get this type of links as buying links may lead to Google banning your website.

Best methods of article submission and automation.


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      Trsmd 9 years ago from India

      You have provided good tips.. thanks..