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Halloween The Movie

Updated on March 5, 2008

About Halloween the Movie

The very first Halloween movie was released in 1978. Halloween the movie would spawn imitation films, but no other horror movies have ever held up to the precedent set by Halloween. The popular movie website Moviefone rated Halloween as the best horror movie ever.

Halloween the movie centers around Michael Myers. Michael has been put away in a mental institution since he was a child. Why? Because when he was just six years old, Michael stabbed his sister to death on Halloween night. Fifteen years later, Michael escapes near Halloween night. Will he kill again?

No one knows. His psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis, thinks that Michael is headed back to Michael's home in Haddonfield on Lampkin Lane. Dr. Loomis must get back to Haddonfield and warn authorities before Halloween, before there is another gruesome murder.

Halloween the Movie Trailer for the Original Halloween 1 Movie

Influence of Halloween the Movie

Halloween is a classic film of the horror genre. It has been selected to be placed in the National Film Registry for preservation because of Halloween's influence on pop culture. Halloween is the first true slasher film. Most people don't realize that there are few graphic details and very little violence in the original Halloween horror movie. The original Halloween movie relies on suspense to scare its audience.

Halloween II Horror Movie Trailer

Success of Halloween the Movie

The original title of Halloween the movie was The Babysitter Murders. John Carpenter wrote, produced, and directed this original slasher movie. Debra Hill also helped write and produce the Halloween movie. Most people don't know that Halloween is an independent movie.

Halloween the movie is also one of the most successful independent films of all time, both commercially and critically. It was so successful, in fact, that there were seven sequels. Most recently, Rob Zombie has directed a remake of the famous Halloween horror movie.

Halloween III - Season of the Witch - Rare Full-length Trailer

Halloween 4 Movie Trailer - The Return of Michael Myers

Halloween the Movie Trivia

The now classic Halloween movie was filmed in less than a month on a very low budget. Halloween was also the big break for Jamie Lee Curtis. Up to that point, she was an unknown actress. Ironically, Jamie's mother was the actress Janet Leigh. Janet Leigh was in the famous shower scene in the classic horror movie Psycho.

Halloween 5 Movie Trailer - The Revenge of Michael Myers

Halloween 6 Horror Movie Trailer - The Curse of Michael Myers

Horror Movie Trailer - Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later

Horror Halloween 8 Movie Trailer - Halloween Resurrection

Halloween the Movie Remake - Halloween Movie by Rob Zombie

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