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Halo 2 Skulls

Updated on March 21, 2008

Halo 2 Xbox Video Game

What Are Halo 2 Skulls?

Halo 2 Skulls are "easter eggs" hidden in the video game. If you don't already know, an easter egg in a video game is something added intentionally to the game by designer and programmers. Easter eggs are almost always hidden very well. Just finding the hidden skulls in Halo 2 is difficult.

Gamers try to find easter eggs because easter eggs make video games more difficult to play or unlocks powers. The Halo 2 skulls usually will last until Halo 2 is restarted. Here are some Halo 2 skulls for you to find.

Assassin Halo 2 Skulls in Regret

After fighting the hunters and riding on the gondola, look for a building with turrets. Go into the building and turn right immediately. Jump on the box. Then jump to the light beside it and onto the ledge. The ledge goes out to the turrets. Use a grenade jump to jump on the roof. Then follow alongside the right side of the building with grenade jumps and crouch jumps. Go until you get to a place with grass and two Angry cloaked elites. The Halo 2 skull is between the elites.

When you get the Assassin Halo 2 skull, all of the enemies are cloaked all of the time and Marines can't see them.

Famine Halo 2 Skulls in the Oracle

After getting off the slow elevator, there will be a hall with bodies. Go to the next room with all of the windows. Look to the right at the third window next to the splattered wall. Shoot out the window and the windows across the room. Turn on active camo. Jump to the platform in the center. Then jump on one of the posts. Now jump to the column that is between the two windows. Jump through the window you shot and turn left. Walk until you find the combat form elites on the floor. The Famine Halo 2 skull is between them.

After you get the Famine Halo 2 skull, all weapons that are on the ground have half of their ammunition, except for lasers. Lasers stay the same.

Sputnik Halo 2 Skulls in the Quarantine Zone

The Sputnik is one of the easiest Halo 2 skulls to get. At the very beginning of this level, look for the elite on your left. Then follow the tunnel that is to the left. Go to the rock wall. Look down and left. Go along the wall until you get to the end. There is where the Sputnik Halo 2 skull is located.

The Sputnik Halo 2 skull will cause weapon damage to be a little more. Enemies will also turn around when you hit them. The Sputnik Halo 2 skull is valuable. You can move bodies with it. You can get to many more places by jumping a lot higher with grenade jumps using the Sputnik Halo 2 skull.

Halo 2 Skulls Comments

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    • profile image

      makayla 6 years ago

      coooooooooooooooooooooolest thing ever

    • profile image

      chloe lee (halomad) 7 years ago

      hi i know a way of skipping the hole sniper in the building on fire bit when the pelican comes down to pick up johnson jump on the piolt bit the run to the end stand on the wing on the left wait till the pelican lifts of the when it stoped jump on the buliding then make your way around . hope i helped

    • profile image

      halo player 7 years ago

      dudes i like to find glitches like on outskirts do multieplayer go behind the building that the covanet come out of you will see a pill of stuff grenad jump and you will be on a ledge ceep on going untill both of you are at the edge jump to the building to your right the work your way ove to the crash site (stay on the roof tops)then have your teamate to walk left(when you are looking at the pelican) your partner will fall of a ledge but will be on the roof tops still as soon as that hapens he has to turn around and look at the person that stayd still he will be floting on absalutly nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! if you like the glitch send me an email at HINT****the glitch is by the blind skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      dag boy say 7 years ago


      Grunt birthday party






      black eye



      and more

    • profile image

      halo 7 years ago

      what up

    • profile image

      benny 7 years ago

      in the amoury when you do the energey shields thing press it and get out its a cool glitch

    • profile image

      Danny D 7 years ago

      Blind is by far the easiest skull. all you have to do is as soon as you start off, in outskirts, walk to the alley you're supposed to, look up and you should see some lights. jump onto one of those. do either a crouch jump or a grenade jump to get onto the building. look right and you should see a long narrow alley. walk all the way down it to the end and you will find the Blind skull along with 4 frags

    • profile image

      Danny D 7 years ago

      IWHBYD skull is very difficult. in order to get it, you need to get 7 consecutive checkpoints, and fight 7 waves of ultra elites. the first checkpoint is right after johnson says "shake it off marines." go in the direction you normally go. look up and you will see two lights. jump on top of one of them and get on top of the building using either a grenade jump or a crouch jump. turn around and you will see a small alley-like spot. go there, all the way down and make a big jump to get to the other building. there is another small alley-like location just northeast of where you would be facing. get on top of the building right next to you at the end of the alley and look right. then go to the northwest corner and stop. you will get a checkpoint. stay there until you get another checkpoint. for more information, send me an email at

    • profile image

      djto 7 years ago

      i know where the black eye skull is

    • profile image

      jik 8 years ago

      what ship?

    • profile image

      gabababo 8 years ago

      i found a glitch in metropolis-dont destroy the banshees on the bridge, and when you get to the very end of the bridge, board one and when you get in you will go flying back onto the bridge

    • profile image

      ugggggg 8 years ago

      The blind skull is in outskirts, to get it at the start of the level you go into the hallway but when you first get into it there is a light, jump onto it and turn left then do a crouch jump you'll be on top of a building, then turn to the left again and there will be a little hallway and at the end is the blind skull alongside 4 grenades.

      This is not a good skull unless you like a challenge, it turns off the HUD.

    • profile image

      Anthony 8 years ago

      how do u het the black eyed skull

    • profile image

      Halo Skulls 8 years ago

      There's also the Grunt Birthday Party skull and The I would have been your daddy skull. Also, the unnamed skull in Training has been nicknamed 'Cow bell skull' because enemies can see you easier.

    • profile image

      BooBoo 8 years ago

      There is also the Iron Skull and blind Skull.

    • profile image

      la la gag 8 years ago

      thees skulls suck halo 3 skulls are better

    • profile image

      liam.  8 years ago

      i like cheese

    • profile image

      lolz man 9 years ago

      iz that all the skullz?

    • profile image

      i dont know what it 9 years ago

      how do you get the splitscreen to change to horizontal

    • profile image

      hbd 9 years ago

      i dont know how but i will definitly get back to you on that one

    • profile image

      michael 9 years ago

      how do you get iwhbyd skull

    • profile image

      owen u dont know 9 years ago

      it makes the ai in the game smarter and they can shoot better, see your shadow, active camo, and other things...

    • profile image

      owen 9 years ago

      the skull sucks it doesn't do anything.

    • profile image

      pie 9 years ago

      you can get the unamed skull on level the Cario Station. Before geting in the train thing wait til' Johnson says ''Will it help if I say pretty please''. then get in and look into the ship (not into space). Then start preesing the X button (it on a green box.