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Halo 3: How to Find the IWHBYD Skull

Updated on April 8, 2013

Having made their first appearance in Halo 2 for X-Box, skulls are essentially "eastereggs" that are scattered throughout the game. Picking one up originally created an unwanted effect against the player. In Halo 3, however, picking up one of the 13 different skulls will unlock extra content, achievements, new dialogue and cut scenes, enhance secret gameplay features and ultimately increase your campaign score. Because they are so powerful, the skulls are hidden well of the normal path, and sometimes even backwards.

Since the release of Halo 3 in September 2007, one of the most difficult skulls to find has been the I Would Have Been Your Daddy (or simply "IWHBYD") skull. It was finally found at the end of September by users of The IWHBYD is a silver skull, of which there are four total. They are more difficult to find than the nine gold skulls.


The IWHBYD skull is located on "The Covenant" level, which is the seventh campaign mission.


To find the IWHBYD skull, the game can be played on any difficulty level--Normal, Heroic or Legendary.

How to Find it

Defeat the Scarabs, go inside, and get to the location which has all 7 Ring Holograms. A cutscene will begin in which the Arbiter kills Truth; after the Flood music stops, you will need to kill the Flood and then proceed to jump through the seven rings in a specific order. For a checkpoint, enter the 4th section of the room where Truth says, "How could I have known the Parasite would follow?"

The order to jump through the rings is as follows: 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

The rings will produce these notes: E G F# E F# D E

If you mess up the order, you can still start the sequence over without restarting the entire mission. If all goes well, then after jumping through the final halo, the rings will start flashing and the "IWHBYD" skull will be yours! It will be right next to the light bridges that connects to the Control Panel and carries you to the Prophet of Truth. When you pick up the skull, the other rings will begin to play the Halo theme song.


The main effect is additional dialogue in the game. New dialogue includes:

  • Marines shout, "For Spartaaaa!" as a battlecry.

  • Brutes say, "We don't take mastercard".

  • Grunts exclaim, "I'm alive? This game rules!"

  • "You're pending for a bending."

  • In the opening cut scenes, Sgt. Johnson says, "Maybe they love the smell of cigar name. Yeah, I do a little product placement. I gotta get payed too."

IWHBYD Skull Location

IWHBYD Skull Location [2]


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