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Havanese Breeders... What You Need To Know!

Updated on May 27, 2008

Havanese Breeders Information.

Are you looking for a new addition to your family but you’re not sure what to get? Why not look up a Havanese breeder in your area? Havanese puppies make the best pets. They’re smart, easily trainable, they make great additions to your household and they’re great around children. If you want to see for yourself just how cute they are, look up a Havanese breeder in your area. Some of them post listings in the local phone book so you can probably find some there, or you can look in your local newspaper to see if any are listed in the classified section. Havanese breeders are also posting listings on social networking sites so you might also have some luck there. The price for new purebred Havanese puppies can be quite expensive, but the price is well worth it. Especially when you consider that you’re getting a new best friend. So hurry on over to your local Havanese breeder and see what they have waiting for you.

Once you get your new Havanese puppy home, you’ll want to make sure it is completely comfortable. If you have other pets in the home, such as another dog, your best bet is to put the dog in the bathroom so that it can sniff the new puppy under the door. This is a great way to get them used to each other. If you have small children, make sure you keep a close eye to make sure they are not rough with the new puppy. Havanese puppies make great pets and they make even better additions to families. As long as you provide the love and support they need, they’ll continue to love you right back in every way possible. Ask your Havanese breeder for any tips on training your new puppy as well as how to house train it, as you’ll want to begin this almost immediately. You’ve just brought home your new best friend so make sure you play with your new puppy as much as possible as they will love all the attention they can get.

To train your Havanese puppy, you must have patience and you must realize it is going to take a little bit of time. Remember that your new best friend is still very young and that he or she is just taking in this great new world and all it has to offer. You can still train your new puppy at a young age, however, as Havanese puppies are great dogs to train. They should pick up lessons fairly quickly. To train your new dog, it’s best to use positive reinforcement. Treats work great but you should only feed your dog a treat when it does something good. You can train your dog to use the bathroom outside in no time at all as long as you’re persistent and you let it know when it’s doing a good job. Soon, your dog will be trained and will make a great addition to your home. Then, if you didn’t realize it already, you’ll know you made a great decision to visit that Havanese breeder in the first place.

My Havanese breeder told me they’ll adjust well to children, I just had to make sure my children would adjust to the new puppy. When you take your puppy into the vet to get its shots, ask if there’s any Havanese information you should know about. My vet was very helpful.

Avoiding A Fake Havanese Breeder

There is a rising epidemic that Havanese lovers must now deal with when they are looking to acquire a new pup. Puppy brokers are a rare breed of dishonest Havanese breeder that care for little other than trying to churn out as many pups in a season as possible, in order to capitalize on the growing demand for these loveable little pups. A puppy broker will spend all of their time trying to hustle potential buyers into as fast a sale as possible, so that there is no time to ascertain whether or not they are lying about their pups' origin.

You can help to eliminate this rash of dishonest breeders by simply doing your research when you decide to buy a Havanese pup. Making certain that the Havanese breeder in question has a long history of happy customers, and making certain that you thoroughly research any documentation you are given is one of the surest ways to know whether your Havanese breeder is an honest one. There are many ways to do this, and we have attempted to show you the best ways to research your Havanese breeder here in this article.

The best way to know whether you are dealing with an honest Havanese dealer is to thoroughly research any and all documentation you are given both at the time of the sale, and prior to the final delivery. This includes checking the online databases to ensure that your dog is actually registered where the breeder says they are. Unfortunately, registration papers are relatively simple to forge, and many would-be Havanese owners are duped every day. Fortunately for them, respected registration organizations have online databases available where you can research the registration of your pup’s parents, to make certain that you are getting your dog from an honest breeder.

Also, it is not uncommon for a dishonest Havanese breeder to forge medical documentation. Since there are a great many medical tests that need to be done on a Havanese pup when they are born to ensure they do not carry any of the common genetic health concerns that plague so many pups, it is important that you make a point to call the veterinarian (and research them, as well) listed on the paperwork to make certain that your pup has actually had the testing done.

Also, it is important that you ask a potential Havanese breeder that you are considering how often they breed the female dogs in their care. If they tell you that they breed them every season, it is a good possibility that you are dealing with a fake Havanese breeder. Also, if the Havanese breeder in question tries to pressure you into a quick sale, you should be extremely wary, and run the opposite direction as quickly as possible.

As you can see there are many ways that you can make certain to avoid a dishonest Havanese breeder. The most important thing to remember is that only you can do the necessary research to ensure that your pup is exactly what you want. Havanese puppies are a wonderful addition to any home, and are well worth the wait necessary to ensure that you are getting your pup from an honest Havanese breeder.

When one has the information necessary to tell the difference between fake and honest Havanese breeders, one can ensure they are getting a healthy pup. For Havanese information in general, and information on how to tell the difference between real and fake Havanese breeders, this article is a must read.

Finding An Honest Havanese Breeder

With Havanese puppies gaining such extraordinary recognition over the last thirty years, Havanese breeders are hard pressed to keep up with the influx of requests for these special little dogs. Unfortunately, this has led to the rise of a great many puppy mills across the country who are only interested in supplying pet stores with a large number of dogs very quickly, without paying special attention to the health of the dogs they are selling.

Due to the fact that the original genetic pool that the Havanese we now see was limited to a very small number of dogs (about eleven), there are a great many genetic health problems that a Havanese breeder must test their puppies for prior to making them available for sale. This often leads to a wait of several months or years to be able to fill just a single order for a healthy Havanese pup. Brokers bypass this step, and so often the dogs found in pet stores will not meet the exacting requirements for a healthy Havanese.

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot get a healthy Havanese pup. There are a great many respectable Havanese breeders available who perform all of the necessary testing on the pups the sell. There are, however, several questions that you can ask your potential Havanese breeder that will help you to ensure that you are getting a dog from someone trusted. One of the first things that is vital for you to request is to see any and all paperwork that has anything to do with the pup you want.

This includes any registration papers and medical testing certificate pertaining to the pup in question. If you have never had any dealings with the Havanese breeder you have chosen in the past, it is vital that you research any documentation you are given. Call the association that your breeder says the pup is registered with and be sure to call the veterinarian listed on the paperwork to verify that proper testing has been performed.

When you consider the fact that a single Havanese puppy can cost you well over $1000, it seems only obvious that most people would want to make certain that they were getting their money’s worth in the pup they chose. Sadly, many people are simply in too much of a hurry to have their highly coveted dog right away to ensure that the practices of the Havanese breeder they have chosen are respectable and honest.

If you are unsure of how to choose a quality Havanese breeder, you should talk to your veterinarian, or to your local kennel club, and ask for a recommendation as to which Havanese breeder they hold in the highest regard. Remember, these adorable little pups are going to provide you with a lifetime of love and affection and it is worth the wait to ensure that you have a properly tested, and properly registered dog.

Understanding the difference between puppy brokers and quality Havanese breeders is an important part of Havanese ownership. This article provides valuable Havanese information for those who want to know how to choose between quality Havanese breeders and less than reputable puppy brokers.

Why Do You Want To Go Through Havanese Breeding

If you are thinking about what’s the best Havanese care there is for your Havanese, get them spayed or neutered. Havanese breeding takes a lot of time, money and personal resources that will not be reimbursed by selling the puppies. If you do decide to breed an exceptionally healthy, friendly and beautiful Havanese, you need to be sure there will be homes for the puppies BEFORE Mom and Dad ever meet. The Havanese information about breeding the dogs “for the heck of it” is grim. Those puppies will most likely wind up in a shelter.

Before you even think of Havanese breeding, know that you will have to fork out a lot of money up front. You must do it to enhance the breed and to enhance the next generation of pet dogs and not for money, or don’t bother. Proper, responsible Havanese breeding is done very small scale, in your home and with lots of vet tests done before sending Mon to the stud.

Both dog and bitch will have to be thoroughly vetted in order to be pronounced fit for Havanese breeding. They will have to pass variety of health tests demanded by the Havanese Club of America and the American Kennel Club to stamp out congenital defects. They will need certificates proving they do not carry congenital deafness, luxating patella, abnormal canine eye conditions, cardiac problems or hip or elbow dysplagia.

You need to know the pedigree of your Havanese breeding stock for at least three generations in order to legally sell the puppies as purebred Havanese. Ideally, you should show your potential Havanese breeding stock in order to make a name for your kennel and attract a waiting list for the pups. Your Havanese care for Mom to be includes increasing her nutrition, keeping her active and fit and giving her a puppy trim.

The act itself only takes a few minutes, and the pair should “lock” to ensure fertility. Some Havanese breeding stock don’t have an idea of what to do, but if they can watch mating dogs, they’ll get the idea fast. The AKC has approved artificial insemination, which may be a more practical option and involve a lot less traveling. The procedure is done under surgery at a vet’s.

Most dogs know how to give birth and take care of puppies, and Havanese breeding bitches are no exception. They seem to have all the Havanese information already in their heads. They need regular vet check ups and should be fed a high protein diet to help the growing pups. Introduce a whelping box or corner of a room or the floor of a closet in a quiet room to let Mom know where to give birth. If Mom takes more than four hours to give birth to a pup, call the vet.

The article was written to share a vast amount of experience relating to small dog breeds, including Havanese care and breeding. Informing the public of the best Havanese information will make owners less likely to abandon their pets.

The Best Havanese Breeder

When people think of purchasing a full-bred puppy, many of them automatically think of their local pet shop. But this may not be the best choice at all and there are many reasons behind it. A pet store does not generally see where their puppies come from, what type of living conditions they had, or if they were being treated properly not only in the physical sense but emotionally too. Often times, these puppies end up coming from what is known as puppy mills.

A puppy that comes from a puppy mill is not one you want as they may end up with problems that are not visible right now. And when selecting a puppy from a pet store, you are not likely to get a salesperson that has extensive knowledge about your puppy. They generally just read over a small description of the dog when it comes in, unlike a Havanese breeder who has studied these dogs for years. Pet store employees cannot provide you with the detailed information you need in order to properly make the judgment call if that puppy is the right one for you.

Now that you know the reasons why to stay away from pet stores when searching for your new puppy, you now need to take steps to find the right breeder. Just because they are a breeder does not mean you want to go with them. This is an investment of not only about twenty years with your dog but of a lot of money as well. Your Havanese breeder should have a lot of information to provide you with and be willing to take as much time as needed for you to fully understand the Havanese.

Your Havanese breeder should allow you to look around the puppy’s environment so you can have a better feel of where the puppy comes from and in a pet store you will not have the chance to do that. They also should not be pushy in terms of getting you to purchase a puppy. Good breeders actually try to get a feel of the potential buyer as they care enough for the puppies to make sure they go to a good home. Get a feel for your Havanese breeder and go with your gut.

All in all, when it comes time to start looking for your new Havanese puppy, make sure that you are first selecting the right place to shop and look around. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Educate yourself as much as possible before going and have that list of questions ready to ask. A Havanese breeder should have no problem in answering your questions as a pet store employee would.

Making the right decisions in the purchasing process can save you years of grief and thousands of dollars. The last thing you want is to have a puppy who is smaller then you wanted or noisier then you wanted. You also do not want stuck with vet bills that you weren’t expecting because no one informed you of any possible genetic issues that may arise with a certain breed. Basically, do not make this decision based on emotions. Take your time and think it all over before jumping in to buy a new Havanese puppy.

This makes for the best possible experience when selecting your puppy. This author shares with others that deciding to go with a Havanese breeder instead of a pet store is crucial. Havanese breeders have knowledge that store employees just are not equipped with. If you are looking to purchase a puppy from a store or a Havanese breeder it is important to have all of the Havanese information you can get your hands on.


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