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Havanese Grooming - What You Must Know!

Updated on August 4, 2008

The Havanese Puppy Cut: Get Amazing Results

You may already know that you must have as much information as possible about caring for the Havanese puppy. But as to why certain grooming styles are used and the history of your dog is not always considered top priority. In order to truly make the best of your life with your new puppy, you will want to know everything from what supplies to have on hand to why the Havanese puppy cut is a great choice for those who will not be placing their dogs in shows.

Having the Havanese puppy cut makes for an easier time in brushing your dog, which in turn, makes the experience more of a pleasurable one. In order to keep the hassle that can come from long hair at bay, it is important to keep up on grooming so that disaster doesn’t strike. The last thing anyone would want is for his or her hair to get out on control, matted, and then shaved. If you want to achieve a happy, well-trimmed, and beautiful dog, then the Havanese puppy cut is one to consider.

You will want to begin grooming your Havanese as soon as you bring your puppy home. This allows you to train your puppy very early on as to how to properly behave during cuts and daily grooming. This is to not only to prevent accidents from happening, but also to make sure that the grooming process is one that does not bring stress upon him or her. While those who want to have their dogs in shows will keep the hair long, this is a high maintenance look. If you are not planning on showing your dog, the Havanese puppy cut is probably the best for you and your little one.

Even with the shorter cut, you will want to keep up regular brushings as this promotes new growth of hair. It also helps their skin and coat when you brush them as the natural oils that are produced are spread about. Grooming your Havanese will also allow you the chance to inspect your dog’s skin condition. Whether there is a wound or fleas, these problems will need to be noticed quickly. With the Havanese puppy cut you will still want to brush them 3 or 4 times a week.

Knowing now that proper grooming is essential for a happy and well-trimmed dog, having the knowledge to actually achieve it is another thing. It is not hard at all but there are a few key tools that every owner of a Havanese should have on hand whether they have the Havanese puppy cut or not. Every house with a Havanese should have a flea comb, a pin brush, a small soft slicker brush, and or course a combination comb. With these tools, you will be able to keep your dog’s Havanese puppy cut in top shape.

But how does one go about achieving the puppy cut? It is actually a lot simpler then most people think. The key thing is to leave the ears and tail fully feathered as this gives the playful feel to the overall cut. And the rest is cut down to about one inch. These allows easier grooming and gives a soft look to your little friend. Both you and your puppy will be pleased with this style. It is also important when cutting that your puppy in placed on a towel or mats on top a steady table to prevent falls.

Fully understanding Havanese grooming will make for a much more enjoyable experience and makes for a dog that is cute, clean and furniture friendly. Making use of the Havanese puppy cut style will bring that desired outcome. Having the right Havanese grooming supplies is in important part of keeping up with the Havanese puppy cut.


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