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How to hide files in a image

Updated on August 7, 2008

You can easily hide some documents or other files in a jpg file. The only thing your friends will see is the image, nothing more.

The method is very simple, you need a tool similar to winzip or winrar, I suggest 7-zip because it's free and does the job.

First, make a folder for the work, like "c:\temp", and create a text file within. You must rename the text file to "hide.bat".

Now, edit the file, copy and paste the code below, then save the file.

@rem --------------------------------

@rem by

@rem ---------------------------------

for /f %%i in ("%0") do set curpath=%%~dpi

copy /B %1+%2 %curpath%photo.jpg

@rem ---------------------------

The next step is to create a folder for the files you want to hide, named $$$.

Now, in your work folder (c:\temp), you have a sub folder $$$ and a batch file named "hide.bat".

You need a picture to use. Choose one and copy it to the work folder ("c:\temp").

The files you want to hide, copy them to the folder "c:\temp\$$$".

Use 7-zip to compress the entire folder $$$ into a file $$$.zip. For that, click on the folder $$$ with your mouse right button and choose "7-zip" > "add to $$$.zip". This action will create the file $$$.zip inside the folder "c:\temp".

Now you are ready to start hiding your files.

Select the image and the file $$$.zip, then drag and release them on the file "hide.bat".

Soon you will see a new image appear with the name "photo.jpg". This one is the original picture, with the hidden files inside. You can see this image with any normally image viewer without any problems.

To recover the hidden files, just add a extension zip ( ) to the file and open it with 7-zip (or winzip, or winrar).


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