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Household Gadgets - My Beloved Addiction

Updated on March 12, 2008

My Addiction by Choice

Get a Tiddy Bear - This Gadget Is Supposed to be Real

Gadgets, they are fun little innovations, aren't they? I have been fascinated with gadgets for as long as I can remember those magic words, "Only $19.99, but wait! There's more! Look at this free bonus!"

I can remember being mesmerized by the television commercials when I was a child. I would beg Mom to buy those amazing miracles. Every one of those amazing gadgets promised to fulfill some gaping void in our lives. I mean, I always wanted to cut up cans with my kitchen knives. Haven't you? It would be embarrassing to have someone rummage through and see the evidence of all the gadgets that I have fallen for over the years.

I bought the alarm that would attach to your keys and give an audible alert with a remote control when they were lost. The one thing that the marketers failed to mention is that you can't lose the remote control. I did. So, I ended up looking for both my keys and their handy dandy little locator.

I bought the mixer that you stick in your glass and magically blend everything together. I couldn't wait to try it. Guess what? It's a glorified whisk.

I bought the rubber broom that was supposed to sweep up gravel, leaves, water, you name it. It still sits in a corner of my garage, unused. It didn't sweep up leaves, it just ground them to tiny little pieces that were even more difficult to remove.

I have learned my lesson over time, though. I simply don't watch television anymore, or at least the informercials. It's my only way out. Infomercials are my own personal form of crack. When I hear the words "It's only $19.99 and get a free bonus", I run like the wind. And I'm sure that sometime in the not too distant future when I've fallen and can't get up, I'm going to curse the day that I didn't order my own personal alarm to hang around my neck.

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    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 9 years ago from California

      This was too funny.  I have always been leery of infomercials, I guess it has to do with the teachings of my father, "If it is too good to be true, it must not be true!"  I do however, find myself watching them in awe.  lol 

    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA

      I'm glad the broom worked for you. After I wrote this, I remembered so many more embarrassing infomercials to which I've succumbed. Wow. If I had all of that money back, I could produce my own infomercial.

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      I'm glad to hear there is another who bought the key alarm. My special broom actually was great at cleaning up the thread and mess at my tailorshop but it was also lost in the fire.

      I just knew you were a kindred soul Angela. regards Zsuzsy